10 best homemade benefits of henna for every hair problem

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Benefits of henna

Today, henna can be easily found in every household. It is massively popular among everyone because of its endless benefits. From dandruff to hair thinning problem and from hair fall to covering your greys, this small herb can miraculously cure your any hair problem. We will be discussing the benefits of henna and making a homemade henna pack.

If you are looking for some homemade tips which are very effective from the first day and super easy to follow. Then this is the right place to stop. Here we have come up with natural homemade henna hair packs that can give you superficial results and will help you in getting rid of your hair problems. Just scroll down and find the perfect hair pack according to your hair issues. Also know more about the benefits of henna and using it the right way.


Benefits of henna and creating a Homemade henna pack.

1: Homemade henna for Hair fall:

You must have often heard people talking about their good thick hairs when they were young. This is the most common hair issue faced by everyone i.e. once we had thick long hairs and now the quality as well as quantity of hair has degraded. The reasons for hair fall can be many like pollution, hormonal changes and improper nutrition. So if you want to get rid of hair fall quickly, then you need to work in both the directions- inside as well as outside. To make your hair healthy from inside you need to take nutritious diet this will have a long term effect and to give them strength from outside you can use this henna hair pack.

benefits of henna

To make this hair pack you will need fresh coriander leaves, Black peeper corn and henna leaves. Soak the henna leaves for overnight. Blend coriander leaves, peeper corn and henna leaves to make a fine paste. Then, using your finger tips, apply the paste to your hair scalp with light finger massage ensuring that its ingredients penetrates deep into the hair roots. After letting this pack rest for two hours you can wash it off with mild shampoo.


2: Grey hair:

Premature greying of hairs is the major hair issue that most of the youngsters are facing today. Earlier it was said that premature greying is genetic, but today, researchers have found that several other factors can also lead to grey hairs. Some of the main reasons are deficiency of vitamin b12, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, stress, smoking and pollution.

If you are facing this hair problem, then figure out your cause for premature greying. And if you are looking for natural homemade ways to stop premature greying then you can try the below mentioned hair mask.


benefits of henna


To make this henna pack you will need Amala powder, Bhringaraj powder, lemon, egg white, Shikakai, Tulsi and henna powder according to the size of your hair. Mix these ingredients well and before applying this paste into your hair and scalp keep it for overnight.


3. Benefits of henna on Dandruff control:

Dandruff which appears as white flakes can be caused by dry skin, side effects of harsh hair products, yeast infection, stress, hormones and oily scalp. Some people face this dandruff problem throughout the year and some may find it more severe during winters. Using anti-dandruff shampoo is one of its solution, but it may leave your hair strands weak. So, you can try this natural homemade henna pack to make your hair scalp dandruff free.

benefits of henna


To make this hair pack you will need henna powder, fenugreek seeds and lemon. First of all soak some fenugreek seeds in water for overnight. Then next morning make a thin paste of these soaked fenugreek seeds and mix this paste with the henna powder and lemon juice. Apply this henna pack generously into your hair scalp and let it rest for one hour. Use this hair pack once in a week to get the best of it.


4. Anti pollution:

In our everyday life we face different kinds of pollution and the major one are air and water pollution. We cannot exclude ourselves from this polluted environment, but we can mend the damage done by it. While stepping outside try to cover your head as it will not only protect you from harmful sun UV but also polluted air. You can try this henna pack to make for the damage caused by pollution.

benefits of henna


You can soak gingelly seeds in water and make a thin paste of it or you can use gingelly oil. Mix gingelly oil or paste with the henna powder and apply it generously into your hair. This hair pack will improve the overall health of your hair and will help you in detoxifying your head. Use this pack once in a month.


5. Benefits of henna for Conditioning and strengthening Hairs:

For girls who have dry and thin hair strands can try this hair mask twice in a month to condition and strengthen your hair. Some are blessed with beautiful hairs and the rest can make their hair look gorgeous with a bit of effort.

benefits of henna


Yoghurt is a good natural ingredient which conditions and nourishes the driest hair strand. Lemon full of antioxidants helps in strengthening of hairs. Make a thick paste of henna powder, yoghurt and lemon juice and mix it well. Apply the paste and keep it for two hours. After applying it for two hours wash it off using a mild shampoo. Use this hair pack twice in a month for best results.


6. Shiny hair:

Whatever may be the color of your hair black, brown, burgundy or blonde, shine is the important characteristic of hair.  A shiny hair is a healthy hair and without shine in tresses they look lifeless.  To get that natural shine in your hair you can try this simple, natural homemade hair pack which is not only natural but also pocket friendly.


benefits of henna

To make this hair pack you will need henna powder, lemon and black tea. Mix henna in black tea and let it get soaked for overnight. Then next morning, add some lemon juice into that paste and apply it in your hair. You can apply this paste twice in a week or according to your hair requirement.


7. Hair color:

Henna is also a substitute for chemical hair dye. If you want to add some color into your black natural hairs without harming them, then henna will do it all for you. There are numerous of tricks that you can try with henna to get desired color. If you want burgundy color, then you can try Beetroot juice and if you are looking for brown shades then go for indigo dye and want to get black color then make the henna paste in an iron vessel and soak it overnight.

benefits of henna


To get a nice burgundy shade take some coffee powder, black tea, Beetroot juice and lemon juice in a bowl and mix it with henna powder. Let the mixture rest for two hours and then apply it in your hair to get that beautiful burgundy hair. Leave the hair pack for two hours and then wash it off with plain water. And next day, wash it off with mild shampoo.


8. Improving texture:

If you are looking for some natural home remedies to improve your hair texture, then you can give this henna hair pack a try. benefits of henna

For making this henna pack you will need henna powder, green tea and your favorite essential oil. Soak henna powder in green tea for overnight and then next morning add some essential oil into it like castor oil, argon oil, coconut oil or olive oil etc. This hair pack will give deep nourishment to your hair strands.


9. Dry and itchy scalp:

Most of the times due to oil and dirt, people living in a hot and humid climate face this problem of dry and itchiness in their hair scalp. Mustard oil has been known for ages to cure any kind of skin allergies. And when you mix some henna powder with mustard oil it works manifold.

benefits of henna

To make this hair pack, you will need two, three teaspoons of Mehndi powder, soaked fenugreek seeds and some amount of mustard oil. Warm some amount of mustard oil and add henna powder into it. Also, mix the fenugreek paste into it. Then apply this mixture into your hair scalp and keep it for an hour, then wash it off with plain water. You can repeat this process twice in a week to effectively treat your dry scalp problem. You can also store this mixture for further use.


10. Benefits of henna on Hair growth:

Long hairs are often thought to be genetic, but you can always grow your hair two to three inches more than your regular length of hairs. And this henna pack will also help you in speeding the process of hair growth. Many of the people think that trimming their hair can accelerate their hair growth, but this is just a myth. Trimming only helps you in making your hair ends clean and removing those split ends, which results in making your hair look healthier. Trimming is an important step while growing healthy hair, but it has nothing to do with your growth of hair.

benefits of henna

Want to try this hair pack, then you will need some henna powder, Amala powder and lemon juice. Mix all these ingredients in a bowl and let it get completely soaked for overnight. Then next morning you can apply this henna pack in your hair. Let the paste rest for two hours and then wash it off with plain water. If you find you hairs too dry, then you can go for some essential oil massage after washing this pack and wash your hair with some mild shampoo next day.

If you have some more suggestions about the benefits of henna, then do comment below.