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Clothing Hacks

In our daily life while dressing up, there are times when we have used some or the other quick fixes. Today we are going to share some of the tried and tested clothing hacks which are a great life saver. These DIY fashion hacks are quite simple and easy to follow and are sure to save you a huge chunk of time. So let’s have a look at 10 new clothing hacks to make your everyday life smart.


10 Everyday clothing hacks


1. Remove wrinkles in your clothes:

Imagine that you are already running late and when you pick out your dress it’s all wrinkled up. You neither have time for ironing it nor you can compromise with the wrinkled look. There are also a few people who are not good at ironing and they end up in making crease or burning their delicate clothes. So below five clothing hacks are surely for my those friends.

  • Using a hair straightener to straighten your collar, tie or sleeves: Hair straighteners are the best thing to use to quickly fix your collars. If you are dressed up and you find that the collars of your shirt are not behaving in the right way, then you can easily tame them with the help of  these flat irons. These are quick and easy to use and you don’t have to take off your shirt to iron it. It can also easily be used to iron your tie and sleeves etc.clothing hacks
  • Using a hair dryer to straighten light clothes: You can easily remove wrinkles from your T-shirt by spraying some water on it and then blow drying it. Before blow drying it, hang it on the hanger.  clothing hacks
  • Using vinegar in one by fourth part of water: It helps in conditioning your delicate clothes. After washing your clothes dip your clothes in vinegar solution and then wring your clothes and finally wave it out for few times before hanging it in hanger to let it air dry. To make vinegar solution you need to mix one part of vinegar into three parts of water. This is one of the great option for taking care of delicate clothes.clothing hacks
  • Using a dryer to reduce wrinkles:  Your washing machine not only helps you in cleaning your dirty clothes, but can also lend you hand in reducing wrinkles from your clothes. All you need to do is keep your wrinkled clothes in the dryer and also keep one damp handkerchief in it. Then run it for a few minutes or select the medium load.     clothing hacks
  • Wrinkle removing spray: This is one of the best option for cotton clothes. These products act as a fabric straightener and also conditions your clothes. You can also use regular hair conditioner for your delicate clothes.   clothing hacks


2. Clothing hacks for Hanging trousers:

While hanging our trousers we often face this problem, our pants often slide off. While hanging your bottoms hang them in crossed way it will never slide back. Don’t hang both the end parts of your bottom together instead of that, first hang one part and after that hang the second. You can look the below image for the reference purpose.

clothing hacks

Hanging your jeans in this way will help you in saving your time and avoiding any creases which are formed while hanging them on the hanger.

clothing hacks


3. Polishing shoes:

If you can’t find your polish box or the box is empty, then you can also use banana peel in its place. Running the banana peel in your shoes will remove dust and will bring back the shine on your shoes.

clothing hacks


4. Removing wear and tear from clothes:

In our delicate and woolen clothes we often face this problem of pilling. To remove those lint balls and bobbles from your clothes you can use a shaving razor. This will transform your old looking cloth into new one. This trick is surely one of the best clothing hacks of all.

clothing hacks


5. Fixing pulled up nylon strings:

We often face this problem with our nylon socks and tights. A single run of string if not taken care can ruin the whole socks. To fix it right use transparent nail paint to close the loose ends. Once the nail paint dries off they are secured.

clothing hacks


6. Clothing hacks for Backless dresses:

You can use your old padded bras as an inbuilt bra for your dress. It will give you the desired support and comfort that a normal backless bra cannot give. You just need to stitch it from inside of your dress so that you don’t need any extra straps at the back to hold it right.

clothing hacks


7. Clothing hacks to Removing stains:

We all are afraid of stains and some stains are too hard to remove. Sometime using hard detergents to remove these stains lead to damage in the fabric. Here, below we have given a list of stains and how they can be easily removed by using specific product without much harming the clothes.

  1. GRASS STAINS: Vinegar
  2. RED WINE: White wine
  3. GREASE: Soda
  4. BLOOD: Hydrogen peroxide
  5. COFFEE: Baking soda
  6. SWEAT: Lemon juice
  7. LIPSTICK: Baby wipes
  8. INK: Milk
  9. MAKEUP: Shaving cream
  10. DEODORANT: Denim


8. Managing your wardrobe space:

To use a single space for hanging multiple clothes using multiple hangers. Just use one long chain and hang it on the straight rod. Then use the chain loops to hang your hangers. This will help you in using your vertical space and saving your horizontal space.

clothing hacks


9. Shirt fixes:

Often we face this problem with our tight fitted shirts. To fix this gap you can use double sided tape on the problem area to hide those button gap.

clothing hacks


10. Layering of clothes:

You can easily create a new look using layering of clothes. Like using a long cardigan or sweater above your one piece can give you a whole new look. You can also use different tops with your dresses to create a different look.

clothing hacks


We would love to know if you followed any of our clothing hacks. Also, share these fashion tricks with your friends and family.