Eyeliner styles for every Eye shape

eyeliner styles

Eyeliner styles for Eye shape

Winters are soon going to knock the doors. This calm and cool weather is a great time for trying something new and bold. As you don’t have to worry about your makeup getting washed out with the sweat as is the case of bright summers. So here we have come up with creative eyeliner styles that will help you brighten up this dull weather. These colorful eyeliner styles are trending high and are quite a smart way to refresh your style. But before adding it in your makeup routine, you need to know a few basics of carrying this style.

We all are gifted with different eye shapes. One may have almond, monolid, upturned, downturned or round shape eye and every shape need a different style. Here you will find the best designs according to your eye shape and give your eyes a dramatic look. Before applying colorful eyeliner styles you need to prepare your eyes by applying eyeshadow which should belong to the neutral color palette. As it will help you in highlighting your eyeliner design and will provide you with a cleaner look. You can easily wear this look for casual outings and evening parties. So ladies wherever you are free to bring out your creativeness and show your fun side, pick it blindly.


15 creative Eyeliner styles


1. Colorful Stripes:

This style is quite easy one to wear. You can easily match the color of the eyeliner stripes with your attire. If you are picking this style for evening party, then do add a glitter liner to it. This style works for every eye shape.

eyeliner styles


2. Floral eyeliner styles:

Going for a day out then you can surely give this floral eyeliner a try. If you are wearing something plain, then your floral eye makeup will take care of you. So that you look every bit of a diva. Perfect style for round and almond eye.

eyeliner styles


3. Colorful dots:

These pretty dotted eyeliner styles give an astonishing 3 dimensional effect to your eyes. Great style for monolid and downturned eye to lift them up. Easy to carry and quite classy in look.

eyeliner styles


4. Dramatic winged:

If you are searching for some dramatic eye makeup, then this one is for you. Glittering eye makeup is the best style to carry for evening parties where you need to outshine.

eyeliner styles


5. Cute floral:

Mix of white and lavender color has made this style so cute and romantic. Perfect for a day look and you can easily pair it with cool colors like pink, blue and white.

eyeliner styles


6. Spiral:

This spiral winged liner is great one for the beginners as it is quite simple and easy to draw. You can also customize the color of your spiral design with the color of your dress.

eyeliner styles


7. Floral vine:

No matter what the weather is outside, these colorful vines will help you in uplifting your spirits. You can easily carry this style with most of your dresses.

eyeliner styles


8. Evergreen vine:

If you are working with a bold eye make then downplay with your other features. To get this look you also need to perfectly blend the colors.

eyeliner styles


9. Floating bubbles:

If you look at this style it looks like tiny colorful bubbles are floating in the water. To get this style to blend your eyelid with a neutral shade and then apply a thick bold winged eyeliner. Then add tiny colorful bubbles to add extra oomph factor into it.

eyeliner styles


10. Subtle flowers:

This style looks so delicate and great one for a romantic date. It will help you in lengthening your eyes as it highlights the corner of your eyes. Do not forget to highlight the inner corners of your eyes.

eyeliner styles


11. Beach look:

Haven’t found a better name to describe this eyeliner style. The Beach is the synonym for fun and this fun loving style is perfect for the girls on the go.

eyeliner styles


12. Perfect nature:

This eye decorating style has almost all the colors that nature has brought with it. To wear this style you surely need the help of professionals.

eyeliner styles


13. Color play:

Wisest color for the coming winters. This is the best example of effortless style.

eyeliner styles


14. Cute bow style:

This style is so cute and the small bow at the edge makes this look so edgy. To rock this look you need a perfect eyeshadow effortlessly blended around the eye.  This style is surely a treat for every eye shape.

eyeliner styles


15. Floral trail:

This magical effect is created by the beautiful trail of flowers on both the side. Tiny flowers on the bottom side and distinct sized flowers on the upper side which are perfectly mixed in the corners to make it look so natural.


eyeliner styles


These eyeliner styles are perfect for parties and casual outings. Also look at the beautiful 30 creative ideas for Nail Paint that glow in dark.

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