Sun Safety Tips

Sun Safety Tips


Do you feel that sun is stalking you?  Then no need to worry, we will help you get rid of it. Here we are sharing with you the most  effective rituals one should follow before stepping outside. But before moving  forward, we would like to brief you about risks of exposure to harmful UV rays.  Tags: Sun Safety Tips.

It includes:-


Premature aging

Skin cancer

Eye damage

Immune system suppression

So to protect your skin from the dangerous effects of UV rays one has to make sun protection part of its daily routine.




1: Diet :

Sun Safety Tips

Keep yourself hydrated. Eat lots of healthy saturated fats, lots of foods rich in omega-3s (fish, etc) and lots of leafy green vegetables.


2: Cover: (Sun Safety Tips)

Sun Safety Tips

Tightly woven, light colored, light weight fabrics will provide you with the most comfort and protection. You can also use umbrella while you are out in the sun.


3: Shades:  

Sun Safety Tips

We neglect our eyes one should choose sunglasses that are labeled with a uva/uvb rating of 100%. Glasses with big frames are best for summer.


4: Sunscreen:

Sun Safety TipsWhen shopping for sunscreen one must choose sunscreen with high spf (sun protection factors) and broad spectrum. For summers we would suggest you to wear 30 SPF to 50 SPF. And whether it’s a sunny day or rainy day if one is out from 10 am to 4pm one must apply it immediately. and one must also take care to apply it atleast 15 minutes before getting exposed to sun.


5: Antioxidants:

Sun Safety TipsThey help in providing sun protection from the sun rays. you can take it either from natural sources or from artificial one.

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