6 Things your Valentine wants you to do for her this Valentine’s Day

6 Gifts he wants from you this Valentine’s Day
February 7, 2019
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Valentine’s day gifts for her

In case the subtle hints dropped by your sweetheart hasn’t been picked up by you, let us be the ones to tell you that your darling wants this Valentine ’s Day to be a special one! And yes we know you’re not a mind reader and probably haven’t decided what to gift her or even what to plan for the special day yet.

And no, she doesn’t want a grand gesture shown in rom-coms or an expensive gift. All she wants is for you to show her that you love her and cherish her. So let us help you pick one of the 6 things that your Valentine wants you to do for her this Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s day gifts for her

1. Cook something delicious for her

It doesn’t have to be a 5 course fancy meal with gourmet ingredients. Just something as simple as pancakes or waffles for breakfast with a cup of coffee sprinkled with love and affection and served in bed. Add a small vase with a rose in it for a special touch.Nothing celebrates your love for her more than making sure she’s well fed on Valentine ’s Day.

Valentine's day gifts for her

2. Make her feel beautiful

Valentine's day gifts for her

Nothing will make her feel attractive and wanted more than a red lace bustier dress! The floral design adds just the right amount of flirty to the attire, making her feel more confident and beautiful than ever. Watch her eyes light up when you give her Sultry Gift for Valentine’sDay.

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3. Surprise date

Valentine's day gifts for her

Surprise your darling with a red maxi dress with a thigh high slit just before a fancy dinner date at her favorite place. You can also gift her an off shoulder dress with cute ruffles as an add on to it. Or take her out for some drinks and dance the night away while you show your babe exactly why you love her so much.

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4. A relaxed night in

Valentine's day gifts for her

If your lover loves nothing more than cozying up in bed and eating take out while watching a movie, gift her an adorable pink Babydoll Nighty. Order in her favorite food, put on her favorite show and tell her to change into the comfy yet cute babydoll that is sure to keep her smiling and happy throughout your Valentine’s day celebrations.

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5. Gourmet chocolate

Chocolates in a heart shaped box are so unoriginal. Celebrate this Valentine’s day with her love for chocolate (and your love for her) with a box of gourmet chocolates with whacky flavors. From salted caramel chocolate to dark chocolate with orange liqueur, get your girlfriend’s favorite flavors in a box filled with chocolates and your love.

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6. Get her statement jewelry

Valentine's day gifts for her

A woman loves nothing more than to stand out from the crowd. A cute heart anklet made of rhinestones or a heart bracelet makes a statement- that you love her with all your heart! Say it out loud this V- day by gifting her jewelry that symbolizes your love for her.

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Give her exactly what she wanted this V-day and surprise your sweetheart with these ideas!