7 Different types of bra you may not be aware of

7 Different Types of Bra

7 Different Types of Bra

Innerwear like bras plays a very essential role for every woman. Not only are they designed for providing the right comfort to the breasts, but they make for decent dressing.
In particular, bras are one of the most important parts of lingerie that needs a lot of attention. Their importance can be understood from the simple fact that they have several functional features. They provide shaping effect, strength and control, level of support, level of control, level of comfort, coverage and control and durability. So, according to the need and style bras are generally categorized.
So, do you know different types of bra available for women? Well, there are many types that you may not be aware of yet. This article would take you on a tour educating you about 7 different types of bra available on the market.


7 Different types of bra you may not be aware of


1. The Corset Bra

Also called as ‘bridal bra’, a corset bra is one of the most popular types that’s supposed to support the weight of your breasts. Wearing this bra gives an appearance of the right shape of your upper body.
Well, you may know that the bridal dresses are, by and large, available in off shoulder designs. So, it is important for you to get a good bra support if you are looking to show off your figure. Moreover, wearing this bra will not only make your posture elegant but extremely smart as well. Being so comfortable, you can wear a bridal bra all day long.

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7 Different types of bra


2. Padded Bra

This is a must-have bra for every woman. And a majority of them give preference to wearing padded bras because they match they enhances the shape of breasts. The best thing about these bras is that they prevent you from occasional nipples see through which often happens in body hugging dresses. You can opt for an under wired bra for extra support or go ahead with wire-free to feel the maximum comfort all day long.

Adding to it, padded bras come equipped with various necklines as well as different coverage styles for breasts of different sizes. So, you must pay attention when it comes to choosing the right style that suits you the best.

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7 Different types of bra

3. Strapless Bra

Don’t you worry? If you are thinking that your bra will fall off if you are wearing a strapless, then you’re definitely mistaken. This type of bra seems just perfect for those Sexy Dresses which are designed to bare one’s shoulder. The two cups of this bra are held firmly by a wired casing which is strong enough.
Keep in mind that wearing the right fit will be the smartest move you will make since the wired under band provides all the support to your bust. Make sure it is not awfully tight or you will feel uncomfortable.

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7 Different types of bra
4. Stick on Bra

You can find the stick on bras in two types. Those which are made up of paper can be used and thrown. You can even get rid of them after the first use. However, there are silicone one or made from polyamide fiber. They have front closure and therefore suits best for plunge necklines.
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7 Different types of bra

5. Minimizer Bra

A minimizer bra is designed to make the breast appear smaller by a cup size. A minimizer bra does it by redistributing your breast tissue to look more toned and also provide ample support needed for bigger breasts. They provide full coverage and is perfect choice for heavy breast.

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7 Different types of bra

6. Convertible Bra

The convertible bra is a type that comes in some of the most amazing styles such as one-strap, two-strap, strapless or cross-back. You can get them with straps that can not only can be detached but re-arranged in numerous ways as per your convenience. You just need to hook them onto various slots available either at the front or the back. This bra is regarded as a perfect bra for all of your Sexy Outfits.

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7 Different types of bra


7. Sport Bra

Sports bra is your perfect gym partner. They come in wide range in low, medium and high impact sports bra according to your fitness needs. For regular workout sessions medium impact sports bra is the smartest choice.

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7 Different types of bra

With a plethora of types and designs available, you are likely to get spoilt for choice as you can find the one to go along with every clothing item you wear. There are some that are specifically designed for a blouse and there are others which are designed for your tees. That is the reason why you need the right type so that you can keep away from the wardrobe malfunction.

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