Smart ways to add denim Style to your wardrobe

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Denim Style Guide

When we say the word denim then the first thing that comes to our mind is a pair of jeans. But today denim is more than a pair of jeans and there are n number of things in which denim fabric is used. Here we have compiled a list of 20 smart ways to add Denim style to your wardrobe. Denim and chambray fabric which are often confused with each other because of their resemblance are very much interchangeably used by fashion houses in experimenting with the outfits. When we need a heavier fabric, crisp and something dressy then we go for denims and when we look for lighter fabric, soft and casual than chambray is preferred.

So check out what your wardrobe is missing from these twenty Denim style wardrobe essentials and find out your score out of 20.


20 Ways to Pair Denim style


1: Jump suits:

There is nothing cooler on this earth than this ripped off Denim jumpsuit. Denim style

2. Kurti:

These denim Kurti have all the elegance that an Indian ethnic attire requires.  Denim style

3. Long skirt:

When its about skirt denim has many patterns to offer you. You can look for a dressy pencil skirt, a- line or the  funky ruffled one anything that fits with your mood. Denim style

4. Maxi dress:

Summers are to flaunt your height in long maxi dress and adding these maxi dresses will surely refresh your look.Denim style

5. Shorts:

Denim shorts are always loved by girls, but what’s trending these days is totally ripped off shorts and high waist fringed shorts.Denim style

6. Denim style Shrug:

These shrugs are totally versatile and you will never have to worry about how to pair it as it goes well with everyone.Denim style

7. Short skirts:

The crispy denim skirts is also a very smart substitute for denim jeans.Denim style

8. Tops:

Ruffled denim top or loose laced up top are so cute for this summer.  Denim style

9. Short dresses:

If you are looking for trendy short denim dresses then you may have a long wish list. Denim dresses include beautiful embroidery, pearl work, fit and flare dresses.

Denim style

10. Palazzo:

They are so versatile that you can easily pair them with western and Indian wear and are very comfortable for summers. Denim style

11. Joggers:

You are surely going to ditch your regular joggers pant once you put these denim joggers in.Denim style

12. Harem pants:

These Harem pants in denim style are too stylish and comfortable. You can easily pair them with your casual top to get the perfect street look.Denim style

13. Wide flowy pants:

Want to make a fashion statement, then try this wide flowy pants totally fresh and hot for this summer.  Denim style

14. Scarf:

You can try this light weight chambray scarf to get that edgy look.Denim style

15. Footwear:

Denims have also made their way in the world of footwear, whether you talk of canvas shoes, flip-flops, wedges or stilettos you will see these denims everywhere.Denim style

16. Handbag:

Denim handbags are gaining popularity for their sturdiness and rough look. To look trendy you can pick handbags with fringes, tassels or any distressed sort of denim pattern.Denim style

17. Belt:

This hard weaved denim can do all justice with belts. Denim belts are a great idea to add some color and fun to your regular belts.Denim style

18. Denim style Anklets:

These denim anklets can be easily matched with any of your outfits and that’s the reason why they are gaining popularity today. From chain like bracelets to wrist watch designs there is a lot to experiment.Denim style

19. Hair accessories:

Why leave your beautiful tresses, glam them up with these beautiful denim cute bow hair clips. Denim style

20. Chokers:

This denim choker can make any girl  fall for it with a cute little heart pendant. Its dark indigo blue color has got all the potential to complement any skin tone.Denim style