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Buy Banarasi saree online

Banarasi is not just a fabric but an artifact. The golden threads wrapped in silk fabric, beautifully describes the intresting tales of the holy city Banaras. Long time back Banarasi saree were also known as wedding saree and every lady pridely owned one. But slowly because of the cheap substitute of machine made Banarasi saree, the true Banarasi weave dissapeared. This post features speciality stores to Banarasi saree online.

Today Banarasi has made a great comeback and every celebrity is seen spotting this fabric. Whether its about attending wedding function or enjoying festivals Banarasi has become favourite of everyone. Many Indian designers are also promoting it by working on this fabric.
This post is all about throwing some light on this rich traditional saree and why every diva needs to own one. If you are looking to buy Banarasi saree online, then we have curated the list of some popular stores.

Popular stores to buy Banarasi saree online

1. Nalli:

It is a well known brand in traditional sarees and has a huge experience of almost 90 years. They have a wide range of Banarasi saree in different fabrics from light to heavy. To check out their online store you can hit

buy Banarasi saree online



2. Samyakk:

This Indian brand has become more popular across the world. They have a wide range of ethreal Banarasi saree collection. You are surely going to love their fresh colors and the intricate weaves. To check their store online you can click

buy Banarasi saree online


3. Mysore saree udyog:

It has been into Indian ethnic fashion buisness for nearly 9 decades. They are known for their authentic product with competetive prices. To awake the queen in you these Banarasi saree are must.  Explore it online in the below link

buy Banarasi saree online


4. Shatika:

It is rigorously working to revive the traditional handloom of India.  Therefore not only Banarasi saree but other handloom saree from different corners of the country can also be easily found here. They have well categorised online store which also illustrates about the fabric and weaves in details. To know more check

buy Banarasi saree online


5. Gaatha:

Their Banarasi saree online store is a delight to open. Few clicks will take you to the vast sea of knowledge all weaved in beautiful ancient tales. Looking for some trendy colors then you do need to visit


6. Banarasee:

It is an online platform to promote the rich heritage and art of Varanasi city. This is an exclusive store for Banarasi saree and fabric. To explore more click

buy Banarasi saree online


7: Bengal looms:

They have an innovative product category which comprises of traditional sarees and accesssories. They ship worldwide and they are known for their quality fabric and intricate weaves. To know more about it check the below address

buy Banarasi saree online


Our Picks Of buy Banarasi saree online:


Banarasi saree online


2: Banarasi saree online



Banarasi saree online



4: Banarasi saree online


5: Banarasi saree online

These beautiful Banarasi sarees will surely make your day. Also have a look at Beautiful Saree jacket designs.