Top ten basic nail art designs with dotting tool

Nail art designs with dotting tool

Nail art designs with dotting tool

Nail art is a great way to show the world your creative side. But this is not as easy as it looks. Like mehndi, rangoli this art also requires patience and practice. If you are a beginner you can try some basic nail art designs using dotting tools to make perfect round circle dots.


Top ten basic nail art designs with dotting tool


1. Swapping the colors:

You can create a complex looking design using dotting tool and swapping the two colors in the design. Things you will need to create this astonishing design are black, white color nail lacquer and a dotting tool.

basic nail art designs with dotting tool

You can buy dotting tools and other nail art brushes easily from Amazon


2. Floral nail art:

This is a super easy nail art design using simple dotting techniques. To make it more attractive you can also add rhinestone into it. Before making this floral nail art don’t forget to apply a base coat.

basic nail art designs with dotting tool


You can buy rhinestones at reasonable prices from amazon.


3. Scary nail art:

You don’t need to wait for next haloween to try this scary nail art. These google eyeballs are so cool that you can wear them any day.

basic nail art designs with dotting tool


Use maybelline nail color show nail enamel for a perfect matte look. You can buy it from here.

4. Dotted tips:

This multicolor dotted tips pattern is the perfect design which can give you an edgier look.  While making overlapping dotted patterns, wait for a while and apply dots when the other previously applied color dot gets completely dried.

basic nail art designs with dotting tool


Use OPI infinite shine prostay primer base coat to make your nail paint stay longer.


5. Floral crown:

These days French nail art designs are in vogue, as they look so classy. On a matte black background you can make crown of colorful flowers using a dotting tool. If you don’t have a dotting tool you can also try it with toothpick, pen tips etc.

basic nail art designs with dotting tool

To give a complete matte look to your nail design, use top coat and mattify your nail design. You can buy it from here.

6. Color combo’s:

Using different color combinations you can create fresh new designs everyday. Just pick the two nail paints and experiment with them for creating your own design.

basic nail art designs with dotting tool

Add some more shine to your nail art using a top coat of nail shine enamel. You can buy it from here.

7. The 50-50 show:

This nail art design is perfect for ladies who are thinking to paint their square nails. Draw a diagonal and color it with two contrasting color and add those pretty dots to make this contrast design more striking.

basic nail art designs with dotting tool

You can use sticker stencils to make sharp edges like a professional. Where to buy.


8. Neon effect:

Neon colors look great with black or white background. You can create interesting pattern with neon nail paints. Create a chain of dots, vary their sizes and you are finally done with a trendy nail art.

basic nail art designs with dotting tool

Buy trendy nail paints from here.


9. Lacy effect.

Shiny nails with a border lace design on the top of the nails is perfect one to give you a girly look. To make your nails appear shinner apply a good base primer to it.

basic nail art designs with dotting tool

Don’t forget to take care of your cuticles. Try this nail care cream from Moha for healthy and shiny cuticles.


10. Dotted lines:

Black is one of the most used color and brings out the beauty of other colors more beautifully. Give your thumb nail some more dash of colors and see how amazing it comes out to be.

basic nail art designs with dotting tool

Try some striping rolls nail stickers to add more fun to your nail art session. Buy Looks united Nail stickers here.

If you have some more ideas and tips about creating basic nail art design using dotting tools do share with us.  We love your comments.


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