10 Best Colors trending this summer 2018

Colors trending summer 2017

Colors trending summer 2017

This summer, get ready to beat the scorching heat of the sun with let’s get dressed. The fashion houses have released the list of summer colors trending this summer. So let’s have a look at them.

Fashion Colors trending


1: Niagara denim blue:

A very soothing color which gives us the glimpse of Niagara waterfalls. Although the color is denim blue it not only looks good in denim but also looks fab in fabrics like silk, shiffon etc.

Best Colors trending this summer 2017

2: Primrose yellow: also called as zingy yellow.

We bet no color will make you feel as vibrant as the primrose yellow. So go for it to match with the brightness of this season.

Best Colors trending this summer 2017
3: Lapis blue:

We all have a soft corner for navy blue and has wore it a lot in winters. Are you still missing it in your summer wardrobe then go for Lapis blue. The color which has got it’s shade from the stone name Lapis lazuli is sure to quest your thirst for navy blue.

4: Golden poppy:

The color that blends the sensual red with the tanginess of orange. The perfect color for a romantic date. So no doubt of what to wear when you want to look your best just go for it.

Colors trending summer 2017
5: Hawaiian Ocean Blue:

When it comes to the title of most refreshing color the ocean blue wins above all. And this color complements every skin tone. So when it’s a day out without giving a second thought go for this blue…

Best Colors trending this summer 2017

6:Tropical Green:

The more the greenery the more calm the surrounding. With this thought in mind the tropical green has come out as favourite color of fashion houses for this summer. This is the color that will not only complement your skin tone but will also soothe the eyes of the people watching you.

Best Colors trending this summer 2017

7: Neutral Pink:

These nude pink color will surely neutralize the heat. This feminine color can be wore as a whole or can be paired with some funky dark colors or some other light shades. So go as you wish. You will never go wrong with this color.

8: Pink Yarrow:

The ultra pink is a must have in your wardrobe. If you have to attend a party then this can become your first choice to go for. And we assure you that this is the hottest color for this summer and also loved by many fashion designers. we have a proof for you.

Colors trending summer 2017
9: Vaporous Grey:

This standard basic color is all time favourite of fashion designers. and the credit goes to the elegance that this color brings with it. So whether it may be summer or winter the fashion houses have this shade in their color palette.

Colors trending summer 2017

Colors trending summer 2017

10: Hazelnut:

An earthy neutral color which brings warmth and gentleness of mother nature is all that describe hazelnut shade. So we don’t have to think twice why this has made its way to the summer 2017 color trends. And people with dusky skin tones look their best in hazelnut. Do you agree with us?

Colors trending summer 2017

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