10 best lipstick shades for dusky skin tone

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Best lipstick shades

Now the trends are changing and people are more concerned about enhancing things rather then changing it.  The same thing applies today for the skin tones. Earlier people were not so confident about their skin tone and took the help of various chemical peel and laser light treatment to achieve fairer complexion. Every skin tone is beautiful in itself and needs just a bit of grooming tips to bring best out of it. Any confident lady who knows her right foundation and lipstick shade can pose like a celebrity. Today we are writing about some pretty and best lipstick shades that look great on dusky skin tone. We will also be talking about where you can wear them so going through it will be quite interesting.


10 best lipstick shades for Dusky Skin Tone



best lipstick shades for Dusky Skin Tone

Adding some shimmer in your lipstick will glam up your whole look. Even if you are looking for a nude lip color add some gloss into it. This will brighten up your whole look. This deep brown bronze shade is a good pick for evening parties. It has got the right amount of shine to match up with your party wear outfit. Buy it here.




best lipstick shades for Dusky Skin Tone

This matte lipstick shade from Lakme can be easily carried for everyday look. For ladies who have dry lips need to prepare their lips by moisturizing them so that it does not looks too flaky. Great color for covering tanned lips. Buy it here.




best lipstick shades for Dusky Skin Tone

Dusky skin tone can very comfortably carry violet. The smokey violet shade from sugar cosmetics in crayon form is great pick for a day out. This mysterious shade is quite fun to wear. Buy it here.




best lipstick shades for Dusky Skin Tone

For ladies who are fond of pink and are looking for a right shade go for mauve magic. But if you have highly pigmented lips then this will not be an easy one for you. To get the perfect shade apply some concealer on your lips. Wait for few minutes and after it get sets apply mauve magic. Buy it here.


5: RED:

best lipstick shades for Dusky Skin Tone

For a confident and glamorous look red lipstick is must. While looking for a perfect red for dusky skin go for the deeper shades. This shade is so irresistible that you will not be able to live without it. Buy it here.




best lipstick shades for Dusky Skin Tone

This color is for every lady. Colorbar known for its rich pigment comes with a creamy matte lipstick that easily glides and gives a smooth finish. Talking about magenta its a loud pink shade, perfect for bold pout. Buy it here.




best lipstick shades for Dusky Skin Tone

This red has an orange tint in it. The orange tint goes very well with warm tones. The only thing you need to take care off is about your outfits. You can rock this shade with matching outfits and avoid them with pink and blues. The color is bold so not the right shade if you are looking for an everyday look. Buy it here.

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best lipstick shades for Dusky Skin Tone

The velvet matte lipstick from colorbar gives a creamy shiny look to your lips. This shade is great for wheatish and dusky skin tone. It looks great on ladies who have yellow undertones. Its dark color makes it easy to wear lipstick for pigmented lips. Buy it here.




best lipstick shades for Dusky Skin Tone

This loreal paris lipstick from star collection is a must have. For ladies who are fond of wine this color will truly match to your senses. This dark bold color suits every skin tone. The color itself speaks of love and perfect pick for a romantic date. Buy it here.



10: WINE:

best lipstick shades for Dusky Skin Tone

Where there is no wine there is no love. This color is one of the best lipstick shades for everyday wear. The color will even show up in highly pigmented lips.  If you stay away from dark lips and look for lighter version then this can be your BFF. Buy it here.




If you have pigmented lips first go for concealer and then apply lipstick on it. It will bring the true color of the lipstick as well as stay for a longer time.

If you want your lipstick to glide smoothly on your lips then you need to mouisturize your lips every night.

While applying sunscreen never forget your lips.