Trending bridal mehndi designs for couples in love

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Bridal Mehndi Designs for Couples

Henna have become quite popular among today’s generations, all because of their appealing designs. These designs have evolved from traditonal motifs to creative way of expressing their love tales. Here we have come up with some demiurgic ideas of trending bridal mehndi designs for couples in love.

Check out these mehndi designs from instagram.

10 bridal mehndi designs for couples in Love


We all have grown up watching famous show Aladdin and dreamt of having a fairy love story like of Jasmine. So if you too were crazy for this show then you would surely like the idea of this bride.

bridal mehndi designs for couples


2. Traditional Vibes:

This one is for those girls who love traditional motifs in elaborated style. If you too are fond of bride and groom mehndi design you can take cues from it. To make it a unique one you can ask the henna artist to draw your sketch. One can also customize their design according to their bridal look eg. Maharastrian bride or Kashmiri bride etc.

bridal mehndi designs for couples




Elephants, lotus and peacock these majestic motifs speaks about grand celebration. When you are having big plans for your wedding then your henna too needs a royal touch.

bridal mehndi designs for couples



4. Name initials:

The most intresting part of bridal mehndi is writing groom’s name and hiding it in the design. But you can go bold and make your names or your marriage date a highlight of your henna hands.

bridal mehndi designs for couples



5. Love tale:

You can use this beautiful art to tell the world about your beautiful love story. This may be about how you met or how you fall in love with each other and the list goes to infinity.

bridal mehndi designs for couples


6. The better half:

From that just married tag to having that perfect pose of holding each others hands, you can draw any favourite wedding moments of your.

bridal mehndi designs for couples


7. Flavors of Rajasthan:

The royal palaces of Rajasthan have been one of the most sought after wedding destinations for every couple. This one gives glimpse of what Rajasthani wedding is all about from traditional dance and singing to the famous puppet show, nothing is left out.

bridal mehndi designs for couples



 8. Pet names:

We all call our loved ones with some cute nick names.  You can also customize your wedding mehndi design by etching some cute nickname like this bride etched panda and penguin.

bridal mehndi designs for couples


9. Adding pets:

Our pets are our perfect companions and giving them some space in our mehndi design speaks about how much we value them. So your bridal design can be all about things that you hold dear. So keep making the list tomake your henna fun and beautiful.

bridal mehndi designs for couples



10. Wedding rituals:

The wedding rituals are not mere part of any wedding function to be performed only to complete wedding formalities. They create a long lasting memories inside our hearts making our bonds more stronger.

bridal mehndi designs for couples


We all apply mehndi in various ocassions but bridal mehndi is the special one. So make it more special by customizing your design according to your likes and dislikes and see how it brings smile in everyones face. Do share your views and experiences with us about these beautiful bridal mehndi designs for couples.