10 Stunning Styles to wear in Business formal for Women

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July 7, 2017
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Business formal for Women

The way we dress talks a lot about our personality and choices. It also tells others about how seriously do we take ourselves. So choosing a right dress for your workplace is quite a tricky and important task. Before setting your dressing limits you need to figure out what is the type of your workplace- Business formal, corporate casual or you are the lucky lady to have fully casual work place.

Here we have compiled a list of ten best Business formal for Women to walk confidently to your workplace. While choosing a corporate dress you need to take care of few things. Firstly, your dress should not be too short, the best thing is to keep it mid length. Secondly, you should be wearing conservative necklines avoid deep plunging neckline. As you would want everyone to take you seriously and would not like any kind of awkward stares.

Third thing, go for a proper fit as any loose fitting can make you look careless and lazy. Fourthly watch your colors and patterns; to play it safe go for solid colors and if you love wearing prints, then avoid bold prints and colors as they can become the reason of distraction in your workplace and meetings. Lastly, if you want to look classy then go for nude shades and minimal accessories and subtle makeup. Go for statement neck piece like a simple chain with small pendant. Avoid red lipstick and other bold colors, try some neutral shades.

Your everyday makeup routine should have sunscreen, foundation, eye liner or kohl, neutral or lighter shades of lipsticks and to complete its final touch of face powder.


10 Styles to wear in Business formal for Women


  1. The horizontal strip mid length dress: Business formal for Women 2.The satin navy blue mid length dress:Business formal for Women 3. The nude shade mid length dress:Business formal for Women 4. The full sleeves solid black dress:Business formal for Women 5. Solid green regular fit dress:Business formal for Women 6. The zig zag strip front tie dress:
    Business formal for Women 7. The slim fit geometric print dress:Business formal for Women 8. Rectangular shape two tone dress:Business formal for Women 9. Classic warm grey button down shirt:Business formal for Women 10. Slim fit full sleeves cool grey dress:
    Business formal for Women


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