Ten things you should know before buying Temple jewellery

10 things you should know before buying Temple Jewellery

Buying Temple Jewellery

The traditional Temple jewellery is known for the heaviness and is considered priceless as it is made from pure gold, silver and some of the rare gemstones like kemp, pearls, rubies, emeralds, diamonds, kundan, polki and meenakari. While buying the Temple jewellery make sure to check these 10 aspects:


10 things you should know before buying Temple Jewellery



1: Budget:

Temple jewellery

Bind you expenditure capacity before you get into the market for search. Temple jewellery may mesmerize you to heights of its beauty but might now fit into your pocket. So it’s better to begin with a proper planning rather being disappointed in the end.



2: Authenticity:

Temple jewellery

Cons are struck at each end every corner of the market. Better run a proper research before jumping into the pool filled with gold. Otherwise you might get swindled by your lame eyes. Either contact an experienced person who can authenticate the precious metal  as the semi precious metal cannot be easily worked out,


3: Measurements

Temple jewellery

Measure the length you desire for your Necklace, your wrist and other dimensions. You may use simple string to do it and keep the measurements recorded. It is important as temple jewelry comes in various lengths.



4: Look and feel

Temple jewellery

Just build a prior imagination of the result you want to see in the mirror. This will be a lot helpful in saving your time. Either explore the internet for various designs available in the market or grab those deign broachers to build your perfect outlook



5: Multiple uses

Temple jewellery

Don’t be overwhelmed by the designs available, be smart in shopping. Wisely choose the accessories which have more than an occasional use. Otherwise it’s no fun to waste money on one-time use jewelry. You can buy a stunning long piece and small chokers   and wear them both or separately for various occasions



6: Suffleability

Temple jewellery

Always choose the designs which can easily be blended with one another. This gives you a permuted range of ornaments. Like a neckpiece as mang tikka or a long neckpiece as kamarbandh.


7: Your prior collection

Temple jewellery

This is the common mistake people seem to make that they narrow their vision like the will wear it for a single gathering. For making a more satisfying purchase do have a look at you prior look at your wardrobe. Until you have made a mind to flip it over, make sure that the new designs you will introduce should intermingle with your previous design family.



8: Temple jewellery is not only gold

Temple jewellery

There is a lot of difference between buying temple jewelry and an ordinary one. The beautiful fact about it is that it is more than just a piece of gold. You can buy Temple jewellery embedded with rubies, emeralds and diamonds. After all, contrasting jewelry is the trend! You could even add polka strings with temple pendant.



9: Build your heritage

Temple jewellery

You can begin a new trend of the temple jewelry in your family and pass on to your generation to come. You can check for reliability of the metal.



10: Become Innovative

Temple jewellery

The design is something which has to rules, its guided by the string of “what feels good”. So always keep you creative window open to introduce another genre of pure gold and the embedded one.


Wear your thinking cap and make a wise choice while shopping, Take this checklist along with you before you go out shopping for Temple jewellery.

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