How to clean makeup brushes at home

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How to clean makeup brushes at home

Whether you are a beginner or a professional in applying makeup, everyone uses some or the other makeup brushes. They are an integral part of every makeup kit. According to your makeup needs you may use foundation brush, angle eye brush, lip brush,eye liner defining brush and many more. These brushes differ in their shapes, size and bristles but all of them require great amount of care. As it is rightly said by someone great makeup application starts with a clean brush. It is often adviced by the makeup experts that one needs to keep these beauty blenders with utmost care. The primary reason behind this is to stop any sort of bacteria growth in brush and protect your skin from infection and allergies.  The second reason is that you can increase the life of your brushes by proper cleansing and avoiding any product build up on them.

Now the next important question arises that how to clean makeup brushes, so that they are germ free and their bristles also remain in good condition. There are various products that you can easily find in market and are quite handy in cleaning your makeup brush.


How to Easily clean makeup brushes at Home



1: Makeup brush cleansing shampoo:


clean makeup brushes

Never ever clean makeup brushes with harsh detergent and chemicals it will affect the bristles of your brush. Consequently, which will affect the quality of its blending. Look for mild shampoos or why to take a risk try Kloy makeup brush cleansing shampoo which not only cleans the bristles but also conditions them.


2: Makeup brush cleansing gel:

clean makeup brushes

The exclusive formula of deep cleansing gel helps in removing makeup, oil and impurities and transform your brush into a new one.  The makeup brush cleansing gel from real techniques is one of the most popular name in makeup artistry.



3: Makeup brush cleaner tool:

clean makeup brushes

The brush cleaning mat is produced from high quality Eco-Friendly Silicone. It has several different scrubbing surfaces like Wash Face, Refine, Wash Eyes, Refine Plus Eyes, Rinse Eyes, Rinse Face, Refine plus Face. These scrubbing surfaces permit a deep cleansing of all sized brushes.  They are designed such that they are gentle on brushes and sturdy enough to use it frequently. Evana silicone cosmetic makeup brush cleaner tool is quite handy as it can be used for every kind of makeup brush.


4: Sponge and brush cleanser:

clean makeup brushes

If are looking for a compact size brush cleanser which you can easily use and carry while travelling then why  not try some solid brush cleanser. The PAC solid brush and sponge cleaner removes even the most stubborn makeup, dirt, and germs. Great for travelling, this compact cleaner rapidly breaks down excess residue and germs. It is lightly scented, free of dyes and other skin irritants, and can be used daily without harming your brushes.



5: Automatic brush cleanser:


clean makeup brushes

If you are a professional makeup artist and you need to clean makeup brushes on daily basis then the automatic brush cleaner can be of much help to you. The automatic brush cleanser machine has a spinner which spins the brush and helps in removing dirt and dry it within few seconds. The makeup brush cleanser from the house of quirk is the most popular makeupbrush cleansing tool used by professionals.


Some quick tips to clean makeup brushes at home:

  • While washing your brushes keep them in horizontal position so that water does not seeps into the joint and loosen the glue.
  • Use lukewarm water for effective cleaning.
  • After washing your makeup brushes ensure that they dry out completely as moisture is the breeding ground for various microbes.
  • While drying your brushes avoid rubbing the brush with any hard piece of cloth as it may damage the bristles.
  • To increase the longevity of your brush and to avoid its wear and tear always keep them covered.
  • Brushes like foundation brushes, lip brush and eye liner defining brush, which are used quite frequently need to be washed on weekly basis and brushes like eye shadow brush, bronzer brush etc which are used less frequently can be washed in a 15 day interval.
  • When you find that your bristles are damaged then its the right time to replace it with a new one.
  • Invest in a quality brush as it will help in easy blending of makeup and will also work longer.


Hope this article adresses most of your issues related to cleaning and taking care of your makeup tools.