10 Classic Colour Combinations for Men (Formal)

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Colour Combinations for Men (Formal)

The attire you wear is the perfect way to express yourself. Then why remain inexpressive, when at work?

Being at work doesn’t mean that you got to be boring in those formals. Take a step ahead and pick some awesome colour combinations that will help you remain outstanding amongst the rest of the crowd.

Mentioned below are 10 classic colour combinations for men (formal) to rock your appearance, even at the office-


10 Colour combinations for men


The Blues


1: Blue and brown

Colour Combinations for Men

This combination takes a perfect look for any of the formal occasions. Flip either of the combinations in terms of the shirt or trouser you pick for a perfect look. The blue hue gives a refreshing feel and look while brown adds to your sober taste in dressing. You can also opt to wear formal brown leather shoes with this fabulous color combination of brown and blue.

2: Bright blue and beige

Colour Combinations for Men

Brights also go perfectly with the lighter shade of beige. You can choose a beige bottom over a bright blue shirt for a perfect ready to wear office attire. This combination appears to be a hot favourite when you hardly have any time to mix and match. The bright blues also come out as a great color combination in formal wearing when used in the layering style of clothing.


3: Grey or beige with light blue

Colour Combinations for Men

Some colors always remain in the trend! And grey exemplifies the same. Be it the men formal wear or women formal wear, the grey color has remained on top of favourite color list in formal wearing. This one’s an amazing classic combination that will keep you 100% formal. Professionally tamed, this combination has been used for most of the formal events and has the capability of making your appearance memorable at those conferences.


4: Contrasting light blue with mustard

Colour Combinations for Men

Mustard is another archetypal colour used with blue. Holding a masterpiece appearance, it has the ability to powerfully present your formal appearances at office and the extended meetings with the clients.


The Greys


5: Light grey mixed with red

Colour Combinations for Men

“50 shades of grey”-hope you remember this one? Mixing the right grey colour with red is one of those standard formal combinations every working lad has been looking for. Embellished in the right formal pattern, this one can help you at all the occasions of formal type. Moreover, a little touch of red adds a sense of vibrancy to your overall persona.

6: Grey with any hue of pink

Colour Combinations for Men

Well! Pink isn’t just the ladies colour! This can be well proved with this suggested combination. However, we aren’t talking about the baby pink colour. Pick the right shade of pink as per your skin colour and match it with the usual greys. This is again an ageless combination to retain. It is a delightful fact for all professional men that pink colored clothes are available in an extensive range. Find stylish pink hue in form of sweat-shirts, formal shirts, T-shirts and neck ties.


The Browns


7: Dark green with brown

Colour Combinations for Men

This combination goes perfectly for both formal and casual wears. Acknowledge either of the colours for the top or the bottom and flaunt yourself at your office. This is an awesome formal color combination when you want to stand out of the crowd. Hence, pick your green and look unique from others who commonly opt for the same conventional formal colors.

8: Brown with a rich wine colour

Colour Combinations for Men

Wine adds perfectly with the brown to give an amazing formal appearance. This will definitely keep you as an unforgettable icon at the office. Wear this amazing color combination with absolute confidence as attitude is your best wear and no dress or color can look perfect without the right attitude.


The Blacks

9: Black with white

Colour Combinations for Men

This one’s amongst the most common, yet the most classic Colour Combinations for Men. You will always be in the best look wearing this super classic combination.


10: Black with light blue

Colour Combinations for Men

Similar to the black and white combination, the black and blue combination also goes perfect as a standard formal combination.

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Choosing from among these colour combinations can be a well grooming selection for any of the formals you wish to carry at the workplace. Just stay confident and look your best!