Easy skin care tips for lazy men

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How to use turmeric for different skin type
July 22, 2020
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Celebrating Rakhi Amid COVID-19
July 31, 2020

Skin care tips for lazy men

Today, we are talking about problem’s of male skin and how men can take care of their face. These tips are so easy that even the laziest men can follow them. It’s often said that men have tougher skin and don’t require any care. But this is just a half truth, because, yes it is different; but it also needs some daily care. Men too have their long list of skin problems like:- 

  • high sebum production
  • acne breakouts
  • dilated pores
  • ingrown hair
  • skin sensitivity
  • wrinkles

So here we are with few easy skin care tips which you can effortlessly follow in your everyday face care routine. But before starting with tips, one needs to know his skin type. which will help him in picking the right skin care product.

Easy skin care tips for lazy men

So we have five skin type:-

Oily: If your skin has shiny appearance and rough texture then you may be having an oily skin. The problem that you most commonly face is of enlarged pores, pimples, redness and inflammation. This problem is mainly caused because of high sebum production which needs to be regulated. So while picking any skincare product look for ingredients like eucalyptus, clove, mint, calamine, camphor and also vitamin C for healing and rejuvenation of skin.  

Dry: A dry skin often looks dull and flaky and feels strechy. There can be many reasons for dry skin which includes harsh chemicals, poor diet and chilly weather. The worst part of dry skin is that it may increase your aging process and can lead to premature aging. So one needs to add extra layer of moisture by using ingredients like glycerin, alpha hydroxy acid and hayluronic acid. These ingredients will help in adding moisture to your skin which will make it look soft and supple. 

Sensitive: Men who have sensitive skin often feel itchy sensation in their skin when they apply any cosmetic product. Redness and inflammation are the common thing to spot in their face. Sensitive skin is caused by damage of protecive skin barrier and therefore one must look for a product which may help their skin in healing. So look for a product of neutral acidity of 5.5 pH level.  Vitamin A, C  and E are the next important thing to look for. Natural ingredients like alovera and green tea will help in soothing the irritated skin.  

Combination: If you have a skin which is oily in T-zone i.e. forehead, nose and chin and dry in other parts of skin then you may be having combination skin. The reason is that T-zone has more sebaceous gland as compared to other parts of skin. So for combination skin you need to work on two things. Firstly, to regulate sebaceous gland and secondly to add moisture in your skin. Ingredients like clove, mint, camphor and alpha hydroxy acid must be in your search list.

Normal: Skin which is in its balanced state is called as normal skin. It is neither too oily nor too dry. Here also one needs to check ingredients before using them on skin. One should avoid product that can make skin either too drying or too oily.

Once you know your skin type then it becomes easy to pick products that will work well with your skin. Now let’s talk about the basic skin care routine that one needs to follow to get the healthy skin look. 


Cleaning is an important part of the daily skin care routine and needs to be done in the right way. According to the skin type one needs to pick a cleanser which should effectively remove dirt without drying the skin.

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The next step that should be followed after cleansing is moisturising. Whatever may be your skin type, every skin needs to be moisturised. However, dry skin may need heavy moisture laiden product as compared to oily skin. 

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The third most important thing to do before stepping out is to protect your skin from harmful uv rays. For that you need a broad spectrum sunscreen which should also be sweat resistant. To know more about sunscreen click the link.

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Dermatologist says that it is less about which shaving tools you use and more about shaving techniques you apply. If you want a comfortable shaving without any irritation then never forget to prepare your skin before shaving. It’s always good to wet your hair and use shaving gels or creams to soften it. Always shave in the direction of the growth of your hair. Avoid applying razor on the acne breakouts it may cause deep scars. To avoid acne breakouts, always use cold water after shaving to close your open pores. Want to know more about how to control acne then check this link

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When we sleep our body starts healing and that’s why getting a good sleep is always advisable. Therefore adding a nourishing night cream to your skin care routine will help in skin rejuvenation.

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On the last note we would say that besides above tips one should also pay attention to his diet. Taking food rich in antioxidant will help in fighting free radicals and delay signs of aging. Do share with us your skin care tips that work well for you.