Fashion for royals- the blog you need to know about

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Today we are sharing with you an Indian origin fashion blogger Archana Dhankar, who has made a distinct mark in the fashion blogging comunity with her fine choices. Her life is quite inspiring and she proudly carries various accolades with her. Growing like every normal girl who is confused with her style and picks to a confident lady, who today provide styling services to many. Her journey is quite interesting and awakening. Follow her on instagram to connect with this dynamic personality.


Fashion for royals- the blog you need to know about


Born to a reputed family in Faridabad, Archana is a marketing consultant and London educated fashion stylist. Hailing from a business family, her love for styling and fashion comes right from her college days. Though she has forever been passionate about dressing up, there was a time when as a young girl Archana struggled with her fashion choices. And that’s from where the inception of FashionforRoyals, her fashion & lifestyle blog took place which now has attracts over 1 million impressions every month across all social channels and website.

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Archana has recently bagged Exceptional Women of Excellence 2017 Award at Women Economic Forum in Delhi and is All Ladies League chairperson for Innovative Marketing in the UK. Being a Fashion Stylist from London, she has worked with many top brands. Her social media reach on Instagram is over 60K+ and over 106K+ on Facebook and other platforms.


Digital marketing professional: Archana started her career as a digital marketing professional, with over 15 years of experience in the domain, she has helped many start-up brands with marketing strategy formation and consulted as an advisor to some upcoming fashion brands. 


Success & Achievements: Her most significant achievement is the journey from being a girl who struggled with her fashion choices to becoming an image consultant and styling clients to look their best. Today is listed among the top league of fashion sites in India & UK. She also has her own Digital Marketing Agency under the banner ofAllthatClicks.


Amalgamation of Indian and western fashion: While her natural love of India’s culture reflects in her experiments with style, living in London and her passion for travel added a new global dimension to Archana’s sartorial sense. She has the innate flair to envision the perfect cut for every individual and is known for her aesthetic vision, perfection and innovation.


The Balancing Act – Woman Entrepreneur: Having a young family Archana makes sure she spends quality time with her family and keep her priorities in check. Being an entrepreneur demands a lot of time, but trial and error Archana got the hang of her functioning and management.


Support System: The biggest support system in Archana’s life is her husband and family who has inspired her in all spheres of life. The most important factor is the love and respect they share for each other and help each other grow as a person.


Message for readers and aspiring women Entrepreneurs:
A successful woman is not always the one who has achieved professional highs, but a woman who has her own identity besides wife and mother. It’s essential for a woman to take care of herself, go out and socialize on an individual level and follow her dreams, it could be anything professional or personal interests. Her advice for women starting on their own is to be consistent.




“It’s easy to lose faith at the start,but hard work always pays off in the long run. If you believe in yourself, you will succeed”

Archana Dhankar