15 Unique Flower Jewellery

Flower Jewellery

Flower Jewellery

Gone are the days when weddings were only about gold and silver. Young brides are experimenting with many new creative jewelleries made from flower, wood and resham threads etc. Today we are talking about flower jewellery and how you can use them to style your ensemble. Its price may range from 1000 and above, but they are worth it. They are of great help for brides who are running short of their budget.

In flower jewellery, you have got two options i.e. Artificial and natural flowers. In natural flower jewellery you will indulge yourself in the beauty and fragrance of a beautiful rose, tulip, tuberose, jasmine, orchids and rosemary flower. These natural floral jewellery have their short life span and can only be used once. In artificial floral jewellery you can find the perfect match for your dress as you have got great options in color and pattern. You can invest in some costly piece and can use it for other occasions too. They are created using pearls, resham threads and other artificial decorative.

Here we are presenting a list of 15 beautiful flower jewellery designs that are surely going to steal your heart with their vibrant colors and details.


15 Beautiful Flower Jewellery


1. Flower jewellery has brought loads of freshness and charm to Mehndi and Haldi functions. The variety and creativity of the designers have created a new market for them.

15 Beautiful Flower Jewellery


2. From mighty crowns to trendy earrings, there’s a lot that you can add to your ensemble to look like a diva.

15 Beautiful Flower Jewellery


3. White jasmine flowers and red roses make a beautiful combination and is perfect for the glowing bride.

15 Beautiful Flower Jewellery


4. If you are wearing warm colors, look for red and yellow and if you are wearing cool colors, look for pink and voilets. These color combinations are surely going to work.

15 Beautiful Flower Jewellery


5. If you are looking to add some drama to your wedding function. Then try this majestic flower head gear in white with a mighty red rose at the center.

15 Beautiful Flower Jewellery


6. When you don’t want that last minute hustle of your jewellery being delivered then you can look for artificial one. They have their on charm and beauty and can be worn many times.

15 Beautiful Flower Jewellery


7. Bright yellow flowers mixed with tiny beads and pearls are sure to give a bride unmatched beauty.

15 Beautiful Flower Jewellery


8. Artificial floral jewellery are great options for other occasion too. You can pick some subtle flower jewellery if you are attending any function.15 Beautiful Flower Jewellery


9. If you are dressed up in flower you don’t need any other accessory.

15 Beautiful Flower Jewellery


10. You can try these red roses for your special day. With their beauty and fragrance, they are surely going to make your day.15 Beautiful Flower Jewellery


11. Pearls look great with flowers and together they create a masterpiece. You are surely going to look like a goddess in it.15 Beautiful Flower Jewellery


12. You will be amazed by how effortlessly you can match your flower jewellery with your dress. You can easily find a perfect piece for every Indian color.

15 Beautiful Flower Jewellery


13. You have also got the option of customizing your neck piece, whether you are looking for a long one or a choker neckpiece.15 Beautiful Flower Jewellery


14. Many designers also include hair accessories in their flower jewellery set. It can be a matched gajara or flower beads to complete your look.15 Beautiful Flower Jewellery


15. If you are looking for something bright then go for white. For girls wearing white on their D-day can look for this set.15 Beautiful Flower Jewellery


Most Popular names in Flower Jewellery:


Amazon: If you are looking to buy it online Amazon have got some really beautiful collection for you.

  1. Floret Jewellery, Beautiful Pearl Designer Pink Flower Jewellery Set With 6 Items:

  2. Amazing Floret Jewellery Red Golden Rose Flower Jewellery Set With Necklace, Earrings, Bracelets (7 Items)

  3. Floret Jewellery, Beautiful Red Rose Mogra Flower Jewellery Set With Earrings, Bracelets And Maang Tika 

  4. Beautiful Floret Jewellery Designer Pearl Pink White Rose Flower Jewellery Set With 2 Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, And Maang Tika

  5. Handmade Designer Red Flower Golden Moti Jewellery Set


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