13 Formal wear Accessories for Men

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Formal wear Accessories for men’s

Men even you have got the all rights to look each bit of stylish. Just adding these Formal wear Accessories to your wardrobe, you can make rough look an epitome of perfection. When its about formals, your accessories need to be sleek and refined in look. You also need to make right color choices and effort should be made to avoid vibrant and bold colors. When in doubt look for metallic colors and rose gold is one of the most trending colors these days.

Hope that these fashion notes will guide you while you carry your Formal wear Accessories.


13 Formal wear Accessories


1. Tie bar:

It fastens both the ends of tie with the placket of your shirt. But it’s more than this, it is a must have styling accessory for your formal wear. Look for a sleek metal design and it should not be wider than your tie. While wearing your tie bar place it somewhere between your third or fourth button.

Formal wear Accessories


2. Sunglasses:

When its about formals then go for medium sized sunglasses and look for formal colors or tinted shades.

Formal wear Accessories


3. Envelope clutch:

Ditch those purses and look for envelope clutch. These envelope clutches offer you a great space to carry all your office essentials.

Formal wear Accessories


4. Pocket squares:

Pocket squares are a great way to add color to your monotone formal suit. You can try different pocket squares according to the occasion of your dressing up. For office look you can look for straight fold and for evening parties try something fancy and creative.

Formal wear Accessories


5. Button suspenders:

If you want to dress sharp for a formal event, then button suspenders can be very helpful. When in doubt about color you can look for navy blue, brown or black they never go wrong. You can even match the color of your bow-tie or tie with your button suspender or you can match them with your shoes. Avoid belts with them.

Formal wear Accessories


6. Dress shoes:

Below we have displayed some classic color Oxford shoes which always go well with formals.


Formal wear Accessories


7. Lapel Pin:

They come in different sizes and shapes. When picking a formal pin for your suit, look for a classic piece.


Formal wear Accessories


8. Formal glasses:

You can’t experiment much with your formal glasses, they need to be in regular colors. But you can pick the right one according to your face shape. http://letsgetdressed.in/sunglasses-for-your-face-shape/


Formal wear Accessories


9. Belts:

Leather belts go perfectly well with the formals. While shopping for belt look for the right size and avoid too long or short belts. Customize it according to your waist size.http://letsgetdressed.in/formal-wear-for-men/

Formal wear Accessories



10. Bow ties:

Bow ties are very much popular during wedding functions and official parties. The great thing is that you have endless options in it.


Formal wear Accessories


11. Tie:

Formal wear is incomplete without ties and from vintage style to trendy style you can pick lot many to spice up your look.


Formal wear Accessories


12. Collar Brooch:

These collar brooch looks so classic and are sure to give you a regal look. While picking a collar brooch for your office look search for minimals.

Formal wear Accessories


13. Wrist watches:

Wrist watch becomes must in a workplace and the type of watch you are wearing gives a subtle hint about your personality. Leather strap and metallic chain go very well with formals. Avoid sport watches with dress suits they look quite out of place.


Formal wear Accessories