Formal Wear for Men- 7 Dressing Tips

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Formal Wear for Men

When we hear the word “Formal Wear for Men” then two words that strike our minds are hard and boring; let’s change them to fun and easy. Today we are trying to make things simple for you when you wake up and you are in a critical stage of getting ready for your office.

Business casual is the word that is getting very much popular these days and it has added lots of variety in workwear. If we decode this word, it simply means semi formal attire. On one side it has brought comfort at work place and on the other hand it has brought some confusions with it. This article will clear all your confusion and will make you confident about your work casual. Now it’s time to share some handy tips and information with men at work.


7 Dressing Tips on Formal Wear for Men


1: Shirts:

Office shirts need to be either plain, striped or with some fine designs, but not too fancy designs. You also need to take care of colors they should not be too bright and bold. Warm, solid colors are always the best pick for office wear. Besides pinpoint collars you can go for spread collars, Chinese collars or cutaway collar every style works for business casual. A perfect fit is the most important thing that every man who want to dress smart should consider. Your shirts should fit well in your shoulders and your cuff should end right where your palm meets your arm.

Formal Wear for Men


2: Tie:

The second most confusing factor that men face while dressing up is how to match their tie with their shirts and suits. There are many numerous fool proof combination that you can try blindly. You can pair your plain solid shirts with plain or patterned tie, but your tie and shirt shade should never match perfectly. While matching your patterned shirt with patterned tie the patterns in your tie must be larger.

Formal Wear for Men


3: Trousers Formal Wear for Men:

They are a great formal wear and you can easily master this look by finding a perfect fit. You can go for pleated trousers if you have heavy bottom, but if you are a thin guy then straight front pants are best for you. Tall ones should look for regular fit, but avoid skinny fit trousers and short guy should always prefer slim or skinny fit.

Formal Wear for Men


4: Jeans:

These days jeans are accepted in many workplaces, but one must be aware of these few points before pulling off jeans in the office. Avoid skinny fit jeans in your office and look for a narrow fit. Raw denim jeans are the best thing to try in office avoid light washed jeans and distressed or shaded jeans.

Formal Wear for Men


5: Belt:

Pick your belt according to the size of your waist i.e. 2-3 inches more than your waist size. Leather belts whether  you buy genuine or synthetic according to your budget are must for dressing formals. A formal belt should have a width of 1.25 inches and with a plain, single buckle. Try to match the color of your belt with your shoes to get a sharper look.

Formal Wear for Men


6: Shoes:

We are lucky enough that business casuals are introduced in our workwear otherwise Oxfords would have been our only choice. If you are looking for a refined look, then go for wing tip shoes and to walk in style you can look for loafers, suede or Chelsea boots. To find best shoe-shirt-pant combination read our article about  foolproof color combination for dressing smart.

Formal Wear for Men


7: Workbag:

Often we try to avoid bags, but they are a great organizer and in today’s world where we have n number of gadgets to keep with us every time these work bags are a must. Invest in a good handbag and according to your need pick a size you are comfortable with. Messenger bags are trending hot these days, have you fetched yours.


Formal Wear for Men