Top ten latest french tip nail art designs

Nail art designs with dotting tool
Top ten basic nail art designs with dotting tool
July 8, 2018
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Review of Philips BRE630/00 wet and dry epilator
July 11, 2018

French tip nail art designs

You can easily pamper your nails with french manicure at home. French manicure gives your nails an extremely polished and elegant look. They are timeless classic and will always be in trend. The basic french manicure consists of shaping your nails, cleaning the cuticles and applying a transparent base coat and then highlighting the tips of your nail with white nail paint. Today you can go one step higher and try some creative nail art on the tip of your nails. Here we have come up with ten latest ideas on French tip nail art designs.


Top ten latest French tip nail art designs


1. Ombre look:

Whether you talk about hair color or nail color ombre style is quite popular everywhere. Use sponge to get that perfect blend and secure it with a top coat. This ombre style is great for your workplace as its so natural look is quite extraordinary one.

French tip nail art designs

Try Miss Claire french manicure kit which contains four nail polish shades that will be quite helpful in getting the desired effect.

2. Colorful rainbow:

To add more drama to your french manicure make it a bolder one with black base coat and colorful rainbow in the tips.French tip nail art designs

French manicure looks best on big nails but if your nails are short still you don’t have to worry.  You have always got the option of fake nails. Buy them here.


3. Metallic tips:

Matte grey base with shiny metallic nail tips is a classic take on french manicure.

French tip nail art designs

For getting that chrome effect on your nails try these chrome roll.


4. Quirky designs:

You can add some quirky designs to your basic french tip nail art to make your design stand out. To keep it simple just make it on one or two nails. Less is always more.

French tip nail art designs

To give your nails strength, shine and wear try this sally hansen product.


5. Embedded:

A cute bow embellished with a sparkling stud on you nail tips will turn every eye on you. You can also give this design a tru with some other pretty colors and see the magic.

French tip nail art designs

Try some sequin stickers and add some bling to your nail art design.

You can also check our other post on rhinestone designs. 20 latest rhinestone bridal Nail art designs


6. Twisted designs.

Be some more imaginative and and ditch those plain round nail tips and design your own. This design will look great on square shaped nails.

French tip nail art designs

You can also try stencils to get the perfect and homogeneous shape.


7. Color twist:

It does not always have to be a white, it can be black also. To protect your nail art from wear and tear don’t forget to add a top coat after it gets dried.

French tip nail art designs

If you easily get mess up with things try self adhesive stripping roll and get those fine tip lines in few seconds.


8. 3-D Effect:

One of the most creative nail art idea for special ocassions. Adding tiny pearls and floral pieces can give your french manicure an appealing look. Just be careful don’t overdo anything as french manicure is more about elegance.


French tip nail art designs

To make this nail art you will need some embellishments like pearl which you can easily buy from here. 


9. Quirky art:

Get inpired by nature and its mix of varied colors. From butterfly to bee you can draw anything you want and showcase your taste and personality with it.French tip nail art designs

You can also buy quirky stickers from amazon and make your work supereasy.


10. Moody tips:

Show your different moods through your well polished finger tips. These ideas are extremely fun to carry.

French tip nail art designs


You can make those perfectly round french manicure tips with the help of these strips. 

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