Fresh Kolam rangoli designs for 2019

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Fresh Kolam rangoli designs

A new year which is going to bring new hapiness and new ethusiasm is very soon going to come to our doorstep. Welcome it, with these traditional kolam designs which are known to bring good fortune and prosperity in home. We know that these designs will take lots of your efforts and time, but in the end you will feel great to connect with your roots. Check out some inspiring fresh Kolam Rangoli designs for new year.


10 Fresh Kolam rangoli designs of 2019


1: Swan N Lotus:

The traditional floor arts are truly inspired by nature. The white swan sitting in a lotus flower looks completely enticing. And the artist has beautifully completed it with paisley motifs. If you are looking for a Fresh Kolam rangoli design that you can draw in the centre of your hall then why not try this?

source: pinterest


2. Perfect Chakras:

There are few traditional kolam designs that are drawn in special ocassions like marriages or offering prayers etc. These types of grandeur designs are apt for pooja hall and during festive ocassions. According to the Hindu incarnation concept fish is considered the first incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It symbolises fertility, eternity, protection, freedom, depth of knowledge and mysteries. The two fish motifs have been beautifully drawn in the centre to create a visually appealing kolam design.

source: pinterest


3. Lotus sketch:

Kolam designs are primarily made by using the fine white powder of rice. Manytimes red colored powder is also used as a secondary color which creates a beautiful contrast.  A beautiful symmetry is created by repeating the motifs. Moreover the lotus symbol is believed to bring wealth, sucess and well being to the home and its family members.


4. Splendour floor art:

Doorstep Kolam designs are the most popular floor art designs. This splendour floor art is a visual treat for every visitor and friends who will be visiting your house. The lamps symbolises removing darkness from every corner and filling it with light and is also sure to bring liveliness to your home. 

source: Shanthi Sridharan


5. Loops and lines:

 Most of the traditional kolam designs are made in similar fashion. Fine lines are drawn in a repititive manner to create a beautiful pattern. These types of kolam design are known for their aesthetic sensibility as they have got the charm of engaging the viewer’s brain and eye.

source: ikolam


6. Swastik:

Swastik is a universal religious symbol of many religion like Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism which is known as a symbol of luck and auspiciousness in life. It symbolises cycle of life as  a journey of wheel which rotates in clockwise direction. The four ends talks about the four phases of life.

Source: Indumathy Kolams


7: Infinity:

Kolam designs not only look aesthetically beautiful but also have deep meaning engraved in it. They talk about the essence of lifeand how it functions. This beautiful kolam pattern is drawn using the endless knot motif.This symbol also has its significance in Buddhism religion. These motifs are often drawn in a close loop or in an endless pattern. 

source: Indumathy Kolam


8. Refined pattern:

An elegant take on the classic Kolam design. Begin your new year with an enchanting design. The fine motifs which have been used to fill the whole pattern have given it a finer look.   

Source: Shanthi Sridharan


9. Floral Mesh:

Drawing a floral mesh in a cleaner way is not going to be a easy task. The beauty of kolam design lies in balancing the art. Therefore the motifs are repeated in a manner which gives the whole kolam a definite shape like square, rectangle, circle or triangle etc.  While drawing kolam designs some people draw it in a one go without lifting their hands. This kind of practice has its own spiritual significance.   

source: pinterest


10. Flower power:

Flower is one of the most prominent motif used in Kolam design and artist create beautiful patterns by joining these motifs in ticklish ways.

source: Thilagalakshmi Sridharan

Do share with us your views about kolam designs and you can also share your creativity with us. These were some of the inspiring kolam designs for new year. Also read:- Kolam rangoli designs for Pongal