10 tested Homemade tips for weight loss

Homemade tips for weight loss

Before we list out the Homemade tips for weight loss, we confess in advance that no technique can help you reduce your weight if you don’t have the willingness. This was necessary because there are plenty of tips in the internet world that will be cramming you with different ideas to lose weight. The fact is, laziness is the main cause gaining weight and here too most of the people would search for easy ways to get the thing done. The ideas we list would certainly help but you need to be physically active as well. With this in mind, let’s get started with Homemade tips for weight loss that can be considered as a complimentary stuff to reduce weight.


10 Homemade tips for weight loss




Homemade tips for weight loss

If you consume at least half a glass of hot honey water with some cinnamons steeped into it, its going to be very beneficial for you. Cinnamon helps in hindering weight gain and in burning some fats. Honey too has the same properties and the mixture is a good regulator of blood glucose.



  1. Green Tea

Homemade tips for weight loss

Green tea is a common weight losing remedy these days.It as a type of tea that is made from Camelia Sinensis leaves.Though claimshave been made that Green Tea can indeed help in reducing fats and it effectively works well with the abdominal fat but there are no thorough scientific evidences that support the claim.While there are debates over the fat reduction issue, it indeed increases the body’s metabolism and that can be effective for a physically active person.



  1. Cumin water

Homemade tips for weight loss

Cumin seeds are considered very good for the stomach and they tend to shed off the belly fat as well. After boiling the water with the cumin seeds you can separate the seeds out of the solution and just drink the water plain every morning.


  1. Fruit Juice

Homemade tips for weight loss

This idea will be bad for coffee/tea loves. Talking in terms of our personal experience, we have seen people who work out daily and drink fruit juices and some healthy salad stuffs for breakfast never get excess fats hanging around them.


  1. Peppers

Homemade tips for weight loss

Peppers contain a chemical capsaicin that increases the metabolic rate of the body. If you are under the process of reshaping your body, then adding peppers to your fruit or vegetable salad is not a bad option.


  1. Drink water before your meal

Homemade tips for weight loss

According to a research people who drink water before their meals lose more weight than those who don’t. By following this approach, you can feel less hungry resulting in less calorie intake.


  1. Fibrous foods


Homemade tips for weight loss

Fibrous foods keep us filled for a longer duration and prevent us from eating frequently. People who eat all day (i.e. every 2 hours) tend to gain weight more easily and quickly.So, it is better to eat food once in good amount and then get into the next round after 5 or 6 hours at least.


  1. Lemon juice with black pepper


Homemade tips for weight loss

Lemon juice is a very good tonic for digestion and black pepper contains magical powers to interfere with the fat generation cells and helps in inhibiting fatness.


  1. Bitter Gourd Juice

Homemade tips for weight loss

Bitter Gourd’s juice has been known for fighting various problems that our bodies face. It is a very good for people with high sugar levels. People who are seeking to lose weights can drink this everyday and the effect can be seen within a month.


  1. Chew your food properly

Homemade tips for weight loss

Chewing the food properly breaks the food into tiny bits and it helps in proper digestion. People who eat fast generally are more obese. Many people have tried chewing food properly along with their workout routines and results have been quite extraordinary.


Losing weight is not that easy. In order to lose weight and maintain it, proper workout, healthy diet and enough water consumption is required. Home remedies and other supplements can boost up the process but are not enough for slimming down.


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