How to drape saree for a perfect slim look

Saree draping tips
10 Saree draping tips for skinny girls
June 28, 2017
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How to drape saree

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How to drape saree for a Slim Look

Thinking of wearing a saree brings mixed feelings of excitement and anxiety at the same time. We love saree but are afraid of getting it draped in a perfect way. While wearing a saree we everytime look at the mirror, questioning the same old thing that, are we looking slim in this attire or not. Below are all the answers to your common question, How to drape saree for a perfect Look?

Ladies its very true that the saree is for every body type and whether you want to have a slimming effect or you are looking for a fuller look saree will always accentuate your figure and hide all your flaws. But from your blouse to your underskirt you need to take care of everything to get a perfect drape. So girls mug up these 10 styling tips.


How to drape saree with 10 styling Tips


1: Saree fabric:

If you are a newbie in saree draping then don’t go for stiff saree fabrics like cotton or paper silk sarees or heavy weight saree like banarsi. They will be hard to manage and surely make you look weighty. Opt for crepe, georgette, chiffon or synthetic silk saree that perfectly hugs to your body and are easy to drape.

How to drape saree


2: Saree designs:

If you are looking for printed saree, then go for vertical strips and small prints they will camouflage your figure. Also avoid heavy embroidered large width bordered saree they will add more dimensions opt for narrow border.

How to drape saree


3: How to drape saree with Dark colors:

When it’s about picking a color, then try to be somewhat partial with dark colors. You can try black, forest green, indigo blue and deep maroon to get that slimmer effect.

How to drape saree


4: Underskirts:

Avoid cotton underskirts instead of that go for fine satin underskirts. Avoid buying a ready-made petticoat stich a fish cut petticoat that will help you in avoiding any crease while wearing a saree. Also the underskirt should be tied firmly with a drawstring. Because, as you start tucking saree it starts getting loose therefore tie your underskirt as firmly as you can. Also take care of the length of your underskirt, it should be stitched to the floor length also keep in mind that you have to carry it with heels. You can also visit and shop for saree silhouette which are comfortable as well as figure hugging. Also read our article on  10 Cancan Saree Draping Style to Copy

How to drape saree


5: Blouse:

The first thing to look for is a perfect fit blouse any misfit spoils the whole look of saree. If your blouse is too tight, then your skin may bulge out. Go for slim fitted full sleeves or quarter sleeves. Try to use sheer fabrics for sleeves as heavy fabric full sleeve blouses may give your hands a fuller look which you don’t require. While choosing a neck design don’t go for collared neck or halter neck as it will make you look more bustier. Try deep neckline blouses.

How to drape saree


6: Draping it right:

No doubt there are thousands of draping styles, but the traditional draping style is the best one for heavy figures. Avoid Bollywood style of draping as these styles are only meant for the well toned figure. Tuck the saree just below the navel neither go too high or too low.

How to drape saree


7: Fixing Pallu right:

Open Pallu is always a safer side for you as it helps in diverting everyone’s attention from your heavy bottoms. The Pallu should be placed atleast to the knee length.

How to drape saree


8: Wearing heels:

Heels are the perfect choice for sarees and are a must have for the ladies who want to look slim in saree. Its a well known fact that increasing a bit of height can give you a slimmer appearance.

How to drape saree


9: Perfect pleats:

Avoid too many pleats. You need to be very specific with your pleats go for six equal pleats each of 6 inch width. This will give a neat look and as these pleats are tucked to the left side of the navel straight at the front anything messy will spoil the look.

How to drape saree


10: Pinning it right:

Altogether, you need three safety pins to tame your saree right. A less number than this can make you worry about your saree and using more pins can bring your saree to a risk of wear and tear. Now the question is where to pin it. Firstly, you need to divide your saree into two parts, one for Pallu and the other part for pleats. Pin that topmost part of the saree where your pleats end and Pallu starts. Then use the other two pins to fix your pleats and to fix your Pallu.

How to drape saree


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