How to Get rid of Pimple Marks Permanently: 12 Everyday Routine

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How to Get rid of Pimple Marks Permanently?

Today’s post is all about how I fought with the harsh and cruel pimples and wore the crown of flawless skin. Winning this battle was not so easy, but my never ending efforts helped me in tasting the victory at last. I say it’s tough, because these pimples can sprout anywhere 0n your face. They are like an unwanted guest ringing the bell at the most unusual time and can hit you in any number. If you have an acne prone skin, then once treated it may reoccur anytime later, whenever you become a bit careless with your skin care routine. I finally have an answer about How to Get rid of Pimple Marks.

The skin care routine for pimple prone skin is not so hard. Just by being aware of the products you use on skin and adding some good habits to your everyday routine, you can be the winner. Below are some detailed everyday routine about How to Get rid of Pimple Marks and make your skin free of spots.


How to Get rid of Pimple Marks with 12 Effective ways:


1: Cleansing:

Cleansing your face at morning and before going to bed is must for everyone and so is for you. The only thing you need is to take care while choosing a right face wash. While picking a face wash look for salicylic acid, tea tree oil and holy basil leaves. Try to pick some herbal face wash.How to Get rid of Pimple Marks


2: Exfoliation:

For you exfoliating your skin once a week is more than enough and if you are dealing with a breakout then skip this step. Once your pimple dries up, then you can go for exfoliating your skin as it will help in removing dead skin and removing blemishes caused by the pimples. Be generous to your skin while exfoliating your skin and apply Aloe Vera  or lemon gel after it.


3: Moisturize:

Moisturizing not only hydrates skin, but also helps in providing essential nutrients and controlling sebum production. So even you need moisturizer but while buying one for yourself, look for ingredients like glycerin and hyaluronic acid. Stay away from cold creams, mineral oil, cocoa butter and other greasy products.How to Get rid of Pimple Marks


4: Face pack:

Once in a week you can pamper your skin with homemade face-packs containing fuller’s earth, sandalwood powder, neem and tulsi extract. Orange peel face pack, Cinnamon and honey mixture or lemon juice and mint  mixture will also be very effective for healing acne prone skin.


5: Make up:

Yes, even you can wear makeup, but at night never forget to remove it all. While buying foundation, concealer or a face powder, you need to look for non comedogenic products and look for mineral based cosmetics which contain silica, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and Dimethicone.How to Get rid of Pimple Marks


6: Sunscreen:

They are unavoidable as skipping them means sun tanning, dull skin, risk of skin cancer and wrinkles. But you need to be a bit specific while choosing them like you need to look for non comedogenic sunscreen and with greater SPF so that your blemishes don’t get darker.


7: Control your taste buds:

Sweet things like chocolate, cupcakes and Indian sweets and deep fried food like Samosa, french fries and Jalebi are a big no. Try to control your taste bud and avoid them as much as possible.How to Get rid of Pimple Marks


8: Nutrients:

Fuel up your body with these essential nutrients which helps in getting healthy and  glowing skin from inside. Some essential nutrients for your skin are vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, zinc and omega 3. Drinking 7-8 glasses of water in a day is also necessary to remove body toxins. Look for food rich in antioxidants, like you can drink a glass of lemon water once in a daytime.


9: Hygiene:

Make a list of things that come in contact with your skin. It can be your hairs or your pillow cover. Sometimes your hairs are the culprits for your skin problems so whenever you go for for a head massage try to keep your hairs intact to your head. You can also keep a towel above your pillow so that it becomes easy for you to wash it every morning.How to Get rid of Pimple Marks


10: Adequate sleep:

Sound sleep is very much essential for a person. It is the time when the body goes through the cell renewal process.


11: Stop touching:

When we get some breakout then we spend most of the time watching it in mirror and getting tensed. Things get worse when you start pricking (piercing) them. And touching your face frequently can make your skin more prone to infection.How to Get rid of Pimple Marks


12: Exercise:

Try some good facial exercises which would help in blood circulation and will result in speeding up the recovery process. Facial yoga is also a nice thing to bring to your routine.