Independence day nail art designs

Independence day nail art designs

Independence day nail art designs

Today the nation is going to celebrate its seventy two freedom anniversary. The freedom that we are enjoying today has a long story of struggles and sacrifices. So time to show our patriotism and creative side to the whole world. What can be better option than donning these theme nail art designs which depicts our tri-color and speaks about our nation’s achievement.


15 Independence day nail art designs


1. Tri color Stripes:

Getting inspired from our national flag this tri color nail art design looks so beautiful and inspiring too. Beautiful blend of saffron with green and white stripes act as a perfect highlight.

Independence day nail art designs


2. Message:

With your nail tips you can easily tell the world what our country believes in. We believe in peace, strength and prosperity. Ashoka chakra which finds an important place in our national flag also has historical importance. The 24 spokes inside it talks about important virtues that one needs to follow in his life.

Independence day nail art designs


3. Trendy:

If you are not a pro nail artist you can try this simple and cute nail art design. The tri color smileys are sure to add some positive vibes on this important day.

Independence day nail art designs


4. Floral art:

If you are obsessed with floral art then why not add some twist to tri color. Adding blue color roses on tri color strips is the perfect manicure for this independence day.

Independence day nail art designs


5. Textured:

You can up your nail art game with this textured nail art design. This nail art with tiny heart designs at the centre looks so classic and fresh.

Independence day nail art designs


6. Monuments:

Our historical monuments are our pride and they have witnessed courage, valor and never-say-die spirit of our Indian freedom fighter.

Independence day nail art designs


7. Colorful Details:

The four important colors of this day are saffron, green, white and blue. Paint your imagination with these beautiful colors.Independence day nail art designs

8. Current theme:

Through your nail art you can speak about our nation’s recent achievements and future development plans. Projects like make in India, Digital India etc are some of the schemes that make us proud of our nation.

Independence day nail art designs


9. Cool nail art:

You can also try some cool nail art design with beautifully uses four important colors of our flag. This design is super easy to create. Independence day nail art designs


10. Creativity:

Give your creativity new wings to fly. You can use four colors saffron, blue, green and white to create some beautiful nail art pattern.

Independence day nail art designs


11. Strips:

This strip design looks so chic that you would love to carry them everytime. With the help of fine strips you an make this beautiful nail art within short span of time.


12. French tips:

We all love perfectly manicured french tips. This Independence day proudly opt for this tri-color french nail art tips.Independence day nail art designs


13. National anthem:

Our national anthem describes how diverse we are and despite of having all the cultural, religious and traditional differences we all stand united. Independence day nail art designs


14. Masterpiece:

Fond of drawing sketch then you will definitely love this nail art. The beautiful tri colored trees and a lady in tri colored saree greeting in traditional way. This design is full of patriotism.Independence day nail art designs


15. Zigzag pattern:

The multicolored zigzag pattern in tri color looks so apt for this independence day.

Independence day nail art designs


Do share with us your Independence day nail art ideas. Happy Independence Day to all our readers.

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