15 Independence day rangoli design

Independence day rangoli design

Independence day rangoli design

Every year on 15th of August our nation celebrates Independence day. On this day let’s explore the true meaning of Independence. On political map of the world we are an independent country, free from any external bondages. But if we dig deep we will find that even today we have kept ourselves in big chains. The reason why we were so easily ruled by others was our internal differences but still we don’t learn from our past. No doubt India has rich diversity in every aspect, but instead of being proud about it we try to create groups and give derogatory comments about others. Lets take the pledge to free ourselves from all the negativity and positively move towards our nation’s development. As rightly said by Mother Teressa, ” I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.”


Our today’s post is dedicated for igniting the spark of patriotism inside ourselves. Let’s have a look at some of the most inspiring rangoli designs for Independence day from great rangoli artists of India.


15 Independence day rangoli design


1: Tri-color:

The first thing that comes to our mind is our national flag. Awake your creative side and decorate your national flag with some beautiful add-ons.

Independence day rangoli design


2. Super mesh:

You can also try this super mesh rangoli design which is surely going to take lot of efforts from your side. The traditional Kolam design which is generally made using white color is beautifully customized for Independence day.

Independence day rangoli design


3. National flag:

The traditional rangoli motifs are so beautifully mixed with our national flag. The beauty of this design also lies in its great symmetry.Independence day rangoli design


4. Peacock:

Time to pay some homage to our national bird. The colorful feathers of peacock beautifully describes the rich diversity of our nation. Independence day rangoli design


5. Unique:

The design not only scores high on patriotic theme but it also scores high on its aesthetic appeal.

Independence day rangoli design


6. Political map:

We all know how to draw Indian political map. This can be a great idea if you have to cover a large area and you have a big team to help you in making rangoli.

Independence day rangoli design


7. Cute piece of art:

You can try this smart and quick rangoli design, if you have a tight schedule. This design will bring best out of your limited time.

Independence day rangoli design


8. Tri color:

Its great to see how beautifully the three colors are used in this whole rangoli art. The earth, the people and the flag are all colored in tri color.

Independence day rangoli design

9. Substitutes:

You can use colored grains, flower and other decorative pieces to draw beautiful rangoli design for Independence day.

Independence day rangoli design


10. Traditional:

Its time to showcase our traditional art and culture. Pick a traditional floral motif and color it in saffron, white and green.Independence day rangoli design


11. Slogans:

You can try this theme rangoli design which has beautifully depicted our nation’s vision,mission and goals. You can add some more current issues into it.

Independence day rangoli design


12. Short:

Here the chakra at the centre and the flag drawn in  the form of wing symbolizes that we are flying high. Our nation is walking towards the road of development.

Independence day rangoli design


13. Portrait:

India is a peace loving country who believes in solving all the issues by mutual understanding and resolving conflicts. Highlight this aspect of our country by this creative rangoli art.

Independence day rangoli design


14. Creative:

It’s not only about the three colors but you can add more to it and make a colorful picture of India.

Independence day rangoli design


15. Exclusively tricolor:

If you are looking for a rangoli design that exclusively uses tri color and depicts the importance of this day then you need to surely check this one.

Independence day rangoli design

Hope this post gives you some wonderful ideas about Independence day rangoli design. Remember there is no great freedom then the freedom to be yourself, give yourself that gift and choose to surround yourself with those who appreciate you exactly as you truly are.

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