Indo-western saree: A successful sequel or a sloppy spin-off?

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Indo-western saree: A successful sequel or a sloppy spin-off?

(Does it dazzle or spell a disaster?)

The world of fashion works in a mysterious way. It never tires of experimenting and this process, bringing some disaster and some dazzling choices. And of course, we all agree that such experimental choices could go either way and are very subjective. So, this is what we are doing too!  We are asking for your opinion on what the designers are calling saree-inspired look. It is essentially a pair of pants that flaunts a pallu as in a saree.


A saree has been an integral part of Indian lifestyle. The traditional saree like a Kanjivaram, Banarasi or Madhubani never ages and stays with you, a generation after generation. You don’t feel the need to revive, reinvent or redo it. But certainly, fashion trends change and there is always a pressure to do something new, path-breaking and inventive that could alter our routine and can also be imbibed by the masses.

On a recent outing, Soha Ali Khan wore this pant-style saree and sparked the debate if at all we need such fashion choices. Not just Soha, the likes of Shilpa Shetty, Sonam Kapoor and Swara Bhaskar has gone the fusion way and wore the Indo-Western saree.

Do we really need to keep bending and twisting the good ol’ saree to make it relevant in today’s time?

Dear readers, scroll down and let us know in your comments is that what you like! Would you wear this saree-pant? Do you think it is a practical thing to wear in public? Would you wear it to the work or to the college? Or do you like the saree the way it is- elegant, classy and sometimes, a bit messy aka‘Tedhihai par meri hai’ scenario?


Soha Ali Khan


Working on the blend of casual and chic, pants and saree, Soha Ali Khan flaunts the fusion Handloom saree. She completes her look with a crisp button-down white shirt to pull off a desi slash contemporary vibe. How do you find this look? Quirky, edgy or a bit too forced?



Sushmita Sen


Sushmita Sen is a beauty that we can never have enough of! If she is not busy taking the Instagram by storm with her fitness videos or cutesy photos with her beau, she is setting the ramp on fire! The former Miss World made an appearance in the pant-saree in a fashion show. She paired a Kanjivaram silk saree in the jumpsuit style and we can’t even…!

While she captions it as #Butterfly, we would like to hear from you to wrap our heads around this Indo-Western saree look.




Tamannaah Bhatia


Joining the bandwagon of pant-style saree is Tamannaah. She sports a bold leopard print and wears it bell-bottom style. The pink karate-belt accentuates her looks and enhances her silhouette. However, we feel that the overall look of her fusion saree is nothing to write home about. What do you think?



Sonam Kapoor


She is more of a fashionista than that she is an actress. She has caused quite a ripple with her fashion choice and this distress denim saree is not an exception. Not sure what she was thinking but let me address this gigantic elephant of a mistake, it is a choice best left to the ramp. If good sense can prevail there as well, ah…wishful thinking! Having said that, she has been a vision and a delight to watch in her traditional outings. She wears Kanjivaram sarees and looks like a dream.





Shilpa Shetty


She is a fitness and fashion icon. A mother of one, an entrepreneur and with over two decades in the film industry, she can rock any outfit under the sun. Her hourglass figure gives her an amazing Kanjivaram silhouette and complements every dressing style. She started the trend of wearing pant sarees or dhoti sarees in industry. Look for yourself! Shilpa shetty fashion in saree is way ahead than her peers with the fusion style!



So, dear readers, what do you think? Does the revamped saree work for you? Is it ‘Yay’ or ‘Nay’? Would you like to sport something like that or rather go with the traditional saree draping?  Or is there a celebrity or model whom you like and would like to copy her style? Let us know, we are all ears!