7 Kalamkari Print Outfit Ideas – A must have for every woman’s wardrobe

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Kalamkari Print Outfit Ideas

Kalamkari is amongst the most ancient art used over fabrics to embellish the same. Today Fashionistas believe that Kalamkari is definitely in and can create a simple looking dress into a masterpiece with the addition of Kalamkari Print Outfit. Kalamkari is considered to be a unique way to depict the mythological stories since ancient times. The artistic expression is engendered using it on various ways of life items.

You can find Kalmkari motifs on almost everything which is used by a woman – From bags to Potlis and From Handkerchief to Middy , you can find these patterns everywhere. The hand printed Kalamkari-motifs when utilized on Kurtis influences the piece of clothing to look sharp yet refined. Go through our blog so that you can get an insight of 7 beautiful Ideas you can use Kalamkari designs on Dress Patterns:



7 Kalamkari Print Outfit Ideas – A must have for every woman’s wardrobe



1: An Evening Dress:


Isn’t this long evening dress looks beautiful with wonderful motives of Kalamkari Pattern? The design is young and the color combination steals the show from every one who believes that tradition cannot meet with modernity. Rather this long dress is a prime example of Tradition combining Modernity , since Kalamkari is being used in motifs since 1800 BC and the Long Maxi or Gown came into the trend only in the later part of 19th century. Beautiful isnt it? Team it up with a jacket or a scarf on an evening date , and get ready to feel special with piles of compliments.



2: Cotton Kalamkari short jacket:


The ultimate Kalamkari jacket with solid plain cotton kurti will always remain a hit. Try experimenting with different colors and pair your plain kurtis with a beautiuful jacket having Kalamkari Patterns and flaunt it to beat the heat while you visit office or while you go out for a shopping spree on a summer afternoon. This kind of Cotton Kalamkari jacket is a definitive bit of outfit that your closet must need to keep you cool in the mid year days. The hand square prints and common colors look stunning as well as soothing to your eyes.



3: Kalamkari Print on a full length Frock:


Kalamkari Print Outfit Ideas

The above represents a Georgette Frock on which beautiful Kalamkari Motif border is used and makes it an ideal dress for hangouts with friends. Kalamkari Frocks are definitely a garment which rocks as girls enjoy freedom, and Kalamkari Frocks give that special freedom to them. Since the fabric is Georgette, it needs less attention of yours hence making it an all time favorite. If you like some experiment, you can try and find something with designer necks, embroidery and some other variants.



4: Short Tunic Dresses:

Kalamkari Print Outfit Ideas

Fashionistas had always been the supporter of tunic dresses and when it is teamed up with Kalamkari prints , it becomes Killing enough to woo any body’s heart. These Kalamkari prints are done on chiffon so that it becomes light and quite relaxing to beat the heat.  If your style statement says this is what you were always looking for, try finding it in the nearest market or buy one from online.



5: Kalamkari blouses:

Cotton is one of the best fabric for sunny summers. The white floral motif design looks so traditional and enchanting on this black cotton blouse. With the help of Kalamkari prints you can easily highlight your everyday look. You can easily pair this blouse with diffrent color of saree.


6: Kalamkari Print Outfit – Dupatta:


Dupatta is  women’s most popular article of clothing and is generally well known to beat the heat in summers. In the picture you can see a beautiful dupatta with detailed kalamkari prints. This cotton dupatta will give you a feel of relaxation , other than that will look rich and classy too.



7: Kalamkari Pattern on Lehenga Skirt:

Kalamkari Print Outfit Ideas

The beautiful torso kurti which can be teamed up with a lehenga and give it a heavy look is all embelished with Kalamkari Motifs. The dress is trendy enough to steal the show during a fest or celebration ceremony.


Since now you know that Kalamkari Motif Dresses can be many and can give you a royal classy look, why not pack your bags and move out on a shopping spree to shop something for the coming summers.