Latest trend in creative tattoos for girls to try in this season

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June 10, 2017
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Tattoos in India are not a new thing we all are very much aware with the term called “godna”. In old times people used to write their beloved names or religious symbols most commonly in their wrist. But today in this modern era the Indian tattoo culture has revived and all thanks to western influences. Now we have got a professional tattoo artist who can make a customized tattoo for you according to your personality and life history. And taking care of all the hygiene and after care services. Today we have come up with ten creative tattoos for girls which are too much in fashion in 2017.


Trending creative tattoos for girls


1: Moon phase:

Mysterious tattoos look good at the back and this moon phase tattoo with simple design and deep meaning is a sure shot. Moon phase tells about the cycle nature of life ; nothing is permanent and things changes for sure.

creative tattoos for girls



Inspirational quotes are also a good one to try it speaks about the person attitude and his beliefs. These inspirational tattoos can be inked anywhere where they can be easily visible. As they are good for an everyday look.

creative tattoos for girls



3. Floral:

These cute floral tattoo are very much loved by the fun loving girls. And these are totally femenine tattoo.

Creative tattoos for girls


4. Arrow:

An arrow tattoo in wrist is perfect to represent courage and valour.  It also means keep moving forward no matter what so ever hardships come in your way.

Creative tattoos for girls


5. Dandelion:

These dandelion tattoo gives very much feminine look and symbolize innocence and freedom. And inking it on your stomach is the best way to make it more girly and flaunt your style in a sexy way.

Creative tattoos for girls


6. Elephant:

The Elephant is a symbol of strength, wisdom and royality and your arms are best to show of your strength.

Creative tattoos for girlsCreative tattoos for girls


7. Zodiac sign:

These symbols are enough for a person to guess other person charectristics and traits. So  its a great way to tell people what we are. And we all love our zodiac sign because of the sense of belongingness with them.

Creative tattoos for girls


8. Ears:

Small symbol tattoos below the year talks about our beliefs. They look very chic and you can try various trendy designs from lotus to dandellion and stars to moon.

Creative tattoos for girls


9. Disney inspired:

If you were born watching disney channels, then this one is for you. These cute disney characters are perfect to ink them in your fingers and tell people about your childhood passion.

Creative tattoos for girls

Creative tattoos for girls


10. Cute bow:

If you are a cutie pie doll, then why not try this sweet bow which is totally girly. This tattoo is a must go with your lacy dresses and you can make a style statement with a romantic hairdo.

Creative tattoos for girls


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