Latest trends in creative tattoos for men

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When we talk about men’s tattoo then one thing that comes in our mind is bold and tough. They love to flaunt tattoos in their back, wrist and arms as these tattoos enhance their perfect chiseled body. Today these tattoos have become a fashion statement and before inking anything one needs to do deep research and find the perfect design according to his personal style. We have made this research easy for you by compiling all the latest tattoo designs with their meanings in one page. So you can easily take your decision by scrolling down. Tags:creative tattoos for men.


20 creative tattoos for men

1: Zodiac:

We all have a zodiac sign according to our date of birth and so it becomes easy for us to choose one symbol. And these symbols have great potential of telling about our personal traits to other people. So these zodiac sign are best way to unfold ourselves.creative tattoos for men

2. Wrist tattoo:

For men who like creative tattoo but don’t want to look too much done with it, then wrist tattoo are best for you. We bet you that you will always think of flaunting it.

creative tattoos for men

3. Wolf tattoo:

Wolves are known as a powerful animal in Native America. They are symbolized as noble warriors and great leaders. And because of its popularity we have so many options to pick from. You can go for blackwork design or geometric design and many more patterns.

4. Elephant tattoo:

There is a lot that an elephant tattoo can depict, depending on the take of the person. Therefore elephant tattoos are being loved by every age and every gender. It can mean strength, royalty, loyalty or it can also means togetherness. Like a tattoo of an elephant cuddling with baby elephant can be inked by a person to show his love to his family members.

5. Slogan tattoo:

These tattoos are a good way to tell people what you believe in. And the good one surely catch everyone eyes.creative tattoos for men

6. Hindu mythological:

In India there is a strong bond between god and humans. And this is a brilliant idea of permanent inking of them to show our profound belief.creative tattoos for men

7. Pocket watch:

This 3D pocket watch is perfect for people who want to ink some special memories for their lifetime. These pocket watch tattoos tell about the importance of time. They are a greatway to depict an important event in one’s personal life.creative tattoos for men

8. Samona tribal:

These traditional tattoos speaks about the long culture of inking designs. They quote stories  about the brave people and their courage.  In these kinds of tattoo every symbol has a significant meaning.creative tattoos for men

9. Spine tattoo:

Scorpion is known as the most fearsome insect and it also represents great strength and the ability of a person to protect oneself. The best one to show others how defensive you are.creative tattoos for men

10 . Star tattoo:

When something doesn’t work in our life we say our stars are not working. Stars are thought to have superficial powers that can guide us through our hardtimes. Inking these stars on our body gives us a belief that they are with us and going to guide us. And there are numerous ways of showing our creativity in inking those troubleshooting stars permanently.creative tattoos for men

11. Deep forest:

People who are close to mother nature and love travelling, trekking or mountainering can show their interest by inking landscapes.  Like for instance this one,  the moon hiding behind the tree and birds going back to their home and its shadow in the lake.  The blackwork art has done all the justice to this tattoo design.creative tattoos for men

12. Dotted triangle:

Triangles are simple designs with very deep meaning. These three sides are linked to three different trinities power.creative tattoos for men

13. Geometric designs:

Geometric designs are a sort of eye exercise for people watching them. And even a simple cube can look so complex and unique with a slide twist giving it a whole 3D look.creative tattoos for men

14. Eagle tattoo:

This bird is known for its focus and can also be used as a symbol of purity, beauty and mighty force. They are the mightiest of all birds, soaring the high skies while preying on the lower ones.creative tattoos for men

15. Creative wrist band:

These creative wrist band tattoo will make you forget about your hand accessories like wearing bracelets.creative tattoos for men

16. Dragon tattoo:

In Asian culture these designs often symbolize Wisdom, Strength, Power, Longevity, Prosperity, and Good Luck.creative tattoos for mencreative tattoos for men

17. Lion tattoo:

Lion is known as the king of the forest and it symbolizes creature of aristrocacy and law.creative tattoos for men

18. Blackwork tattoo:

These tattoos with massive hint of black is perfect for men to ink down bold designs. And the great news is that they are seriously trending these days. Now every symbol and design has a blackwork design also.creative tattoos for men

19. Owl tattoo:

In ancient greek mythology, owl is the symbol of goddess Athena – the Goddess of wisdom and  foresight.  Owls are also known to protect us from any harm and even their feathers are worn to ward off evil spirits.

creative tattoos for men

Creative tattoos for men

20. Arrow tattoo:

A stack of three arrows bound together with a rope means strength of unity and the diamond shape at its tip means moving in a forward direction with full strength and courage.  Its easy to get  from its tattoo that the person is unbeatable.

creative tattoos for men

Creative tattoos for men

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