Least painful place for Inking tattoo

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Inking tattoo

Tattoos are like any interesting stories which either talks about any memorable moment of past or dream for future. There are many things that tattoo can convey. Even the place where one wants to ink tattoo is significantly important to that person. But inking tattoo is not an easy piece of cake, it is a tough row to hoe. Depending upon the pain bearing capacity of an individual, one can experience pain from extreme level to bearable point. However there are some painful spots also which are always warned as extremely risky. In our today’s post we will be talking about least painful place for inking tattoo.

Least painful place for inking tattoo


You may have a question that why some part of our body are more sensitive to pain as compared to others?

Least painful place for Inking tattoo

We all know the process of inking includes injecting ink deep into the skin just next to your skin’s pain receptor. And all this is done by inserting needle into your skin on an average of 100 needles per second. So its never going to be painless but if the area to be inked has some fat or muscles to cushion the needle sensastion then the pain can be bearable. If the area you want to ink has some bunch of nerves then its going to be a real pain. So let’s break it into few spots where the pain can be bearable.



You can easily flaunt your shoulder tattoo by wearing off shoulders. These tattoos are very popular among women as they are less painful and also look aesthetically beautiful. Avoid the neck area it can be extremely painful.Least painful place for Inking tattoo Least painful place for Inking tattoo



This region has layers of fat and muscles which reduces the pain sensation. If you are looking for a tattoo spot which can be easily flaunted then give this a try. Avoid the knee and feet area.

Least painful place for Inking tattoo


Outer arm:

If you are thinking of inking in your arm and confused whether to opt for outer or inner arm. We suggest you to stick to outer arm. On the inner side of arm you will find bunch of nerves which make inking quite painful. The upper arm is also a good spot to pick.Least painful place for Inking tattoo



Our thighs also have good amount of fat and muscles which bring them in the category of least painful areas to ink.Least painful place for Inking tattoo



If you are thinking of inking a secret tattoo then buttocks are also the best place. They also come under the least painful areas.

Least painful place for Inking tattoo


Eyeball and eyelid tattoos are the most scary tattoos to have. They are extremely risky and painful to ink. Some other tattoos which are extremely painful are stomach, neck, finger, ribs, behind the knee, inside biceps and top of the feet. If you are trying sleeve tattoo or going for a bigger one, then using numbing cream and spray will be quite helpful. It is also advised to keep your mind diverted by watching interesting movie or show while the whole inking process goes on. You can also chat with your tattoo artist but make sure you don’t disturb him/her.

Hope this article gives you a slight overview of least painful place for inking tattoo.  Do share with us your real experiences they can be handy to others.