10 trending Maharani Arsi ring jewelry design

Maharani Arsi ring jewelry

While donning an ethnic ensemble, these Maharani Arsi ring jewelry is sure to give you a dramatic look. They are also known as antique jewelry and has a long history associated with it.

The term Arsi is used for the mirror which is embedded in its finger ring. In ancient time this mirror ring was used by queens which would help them in checking their makeup and hairdo. It also helped them in getting a quick glance of their husband without looking at them directly.

Today you can find these Maharani Arsi ring jewelry in various shapes and style. The most popular one is the silver one. If you are on a low budget, you also try Arsi ring in Gota jewelry. Let’s have a quick look at 10 most beautiful Arsi ring for ladies who are looking for a timeless classic piece of jewelry.


10 Beautiful Maharani Arsi ring jewelry


1: The multicolored Maharani Arsi ring is the perfect choice to add color and class to your jewelry.

Maharani Arsi ring jewelry


2. When you want to look your loved ones through this ring, then why not try this heart shaped ring.

Maharani Arsi ring jewelry


3. Beautiful antique silver Maharani Arsi ring in which the circular mirror has been decorated with intricate silver work. Maharani Arsi ring jewelry


4. This Maharani Arsi ring jewelry with hanging chains are for the ladies who love the fusion of traditional art with modern designs.

Maharani Arsi ring jewelry


5. Adore the beauty of flowers in this timeless piece of ring. Here the beautiful mirror is surrounded by colorful petals like design which makes it so desirable.

Maharani Arsi ring jewelry


6. Mirror encrusted with Kundan work make this ring so dreamy. This shining star is sure to get lots of compliments for its sparkling beauty.

Maharani Arsi ring jewelry


7. Now this could turn a simple mirror ring into a royal one. All you have to look for is a round mirror fixed in a golden ring and surrounded with classy white pearls. Maharani Arsi ring jewelry


8. Bored of the regular round shape, then look for these unique designs to glam up your ethnic ensemble.

Maharani Arsi ring jewelry


9. One thing that you need to remember while carrying this ring is that overdo your fingers with rings.

Maharani Arsi ring jewelry


10.  Oxidized silver rings are the best thing to pick if you are looking for some antique jewelry.

Maharani Arsi ring jewelry


Our Picks of Maharani Arsi ring jewelry


1: Maharani Arsi ring jewelry











Do share with us which style of Maharani Arsi ring jewelry you loved the most. Also have a look at these Designer Handbags Trends for Fall 2017.

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