How to match your makeup with the color of your dress

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Every girl loves her makeup kit and when it’s time to get ready for a party we get too emotional with our cosmetics. As a result, sometimes we look too loud and sometimes we look totally washed away. Now it’s time to think about whether our makeup is going right with our dress and our skin tone.  Tags: Match makeup with dress.

Here we have come up with a list of dresses according to their colors and what sort of makeup will fit right with it.


10 Styles to match makeup with dress:


1: Silver:

Heading for a party and thinking of wearing silver dress, then you can master this look buy adding a bit of glitter eye liner and a neutral lip shade. Try to add more drama in your eyes by using kohl, eyeliner and mascara when you are donning silver or gold.

match makeup with dress



2. White:

While wearing a white dress try to add some colors in your face otherwise you will look too washed away.  To get a fresh look in white, try some bright shades of lipsticks in orange and pink shades and also try them to match with your accessories. Go for some blush and for eyes simple gel liner and kohl will give the magic effect all you need.

match makeup with dressmatch makeup with dress



3. Yellow:

If you are donning a yellow dress and you have a fair complexion then go for pink and if you have dark to medium complexion then you can wear berry red lip shade. For eyes, you can try brown eye shadow with a hint of rose gold.

Match makeup with dress



4. Black:

For eyes, yes make them smokey and if your dress has some glitters into it, then you can also add them to your eye shadow. And if you are highlighting your eyes, then try neutral shades in your lipstick. Or you can try it other way round highlighting your lips with bold color and downplaying your eyes. While trying metallic eyeshadow also consider color of your accessories.

Match makeup with dressMatch makeup with dress


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5. Green:

One thing that must not be done while wearing green is to wear a red lipstick it looks too much contrasting. Go for lighter shades like peach and you are free to highlight your eyes. This will give you a regal look.

Match makeup with dress



6. Lacy dress:

When you are wearing a lacy dress it brings out the cuteness in you. So to make things more cute you  can try light shades of pink and winged eyeliner to compliment this look.

Match makeup with dress



7. Navy blue:

This color is everyone’s favourite as it complements every skin tone. You can try smokey eye makeup with neutral lip shade. And if you want to try metallic eye shadow then go for crimson lip shade.

Match makeup with dress

Match makeup with dress



8. Orange:

You don’t have to match the color of your dress with the colors of your lips, but you should go for one tone lighter or darker of the same family.  This tip will never let you down.

Match makeup with dress

Match makeup with dress



9. Pink:

When you are wearing a pink dress, then you can’t experiment with brown or red, but you have to go for pink.  If you have worn light pink, then you can go for darker pink lip shade and vice versa. Don’t forget to add some blush.

Match makeup with dress

Match makeup with dress



10. Red:

When wearing a red dress smokey eyes are the best thing to carry. If you don’t want a dramatic look use lighter shades of red.

Match makeup with dress

Match makeup with dress


CONCLUSION: You need to focus only on highlighting one feature either your eyes or your lips. Want to add some shine to tour face, then add some metallic eyeshadow in your centre eye lids and the inner corners of your eyes. While making your cheeks blush go according to your skin tone and your lipshades. You can try brown eyeliners to avoid high dramatic eyes and get a classy look.