10 Modern Blouse Designs for Saree

Modern Blouse Designs

Saree is probably one of the oldest and yet the most elegant piece of garment a woman will ever own. And what makes a saree even more exciting, yes you guessed it right, the blouse. The beauty of a saree is only justified when it is complemented with the perfect blouse. We all of an image in our mind when it comes to wearing a saree and we don’t want to look anything less than that, and what makes it more easy for us is the perfect blouse design. Here are 10 Modern blouse designs you should have your hand on the next time you plan on wearing that saree and want those jaws to drop :


10 Modern Blouse Designs for Saree


  1. Bell Sleeve

10 Modern Blouse Designs for Saree

Bell sleeve is the one fashion trend that’s back again and with a bang. Bell sleeves blouse gives you are more fun and dramatic look and doesn’t make you compromise on your style quotient. You can get your bll sleeves customized in various ways. You can either get them embellished with thread work, gemstones or paint patterns or you can leave them just simple and plain.


  1. Cape Style

10 Modern Blouse Designs for Saree

Cape style blouse is the thing right now. It is the perfect twist of traditional blouse with a contemporary look. People often say that capes are meant for superheroes and the next time you want to channelise your inner superhero, this is just the right pick for you. They are just perfect for you if you do not want to adjust your pallu again and again because when you wear a cape blouse, the pallu of your saree remains tucked and pinned suitably under the cap blouse.


  1. Boat Neck

10 Modern Blouse Designs for Saree

The perfect blend of tradition sophistication and elegance! This blouse pattern works well in a daytime event as well as in an evening soiree. Anything that you add on it will only make it more beautiful. The long sleeves with the boat neck make this blouse look even more elegant and sober.


  1. Off shoulder sleeves

10 Modern Blouse Designs for Saree

Yes you read it right. Off shoulder is not just a western trend anymore. It has taken over to the traditional blouses as well and does it look good. What’s more enchanting than showing off those collar bones in an uber chic blouse! This look is very modern and is sure to win many compliments for you!


  1. Collar Neck

10 Modern Blouse Designs for Saree

Collar necks in blouse give you a very formal and graceful appearance. If quirky is your thing then this is just the right choice for you. Traditions meet formal and results in something that gives you a cute and young look. This is just the perfect blouse for the modern day working lady.


  1. Blouses with Bold Prints

10 Modern Blouse Designs for Saree

Take a blouse with bold prints on it and you will suddenly feel that your whole saree look has gained a new life! That’s the magic and impact of bold prints on saree blouses. Bold prints are making fashion waves these days. This is one design that will most definitely make you stand apart. If you are someone who likes to do things in the bold manner then this is perfect for you.

  1. High Neck

10 Modern Blouse Designs for Saree

High neck blouse is one trend that is never getting old. A perfect traditional blouse enough to oomph up your look. It gives you a more elegant look and makes you feel nothing less than a queen.


  1. Shirt Style

10 Modern Blouse Designs for Saree

If you like to experiment with your look, then worry no more and get experimental with your saree blouse as well. This is one fashion trend that won’t cost you a buck and still give you a stylish look. Grab those t shirts and pair it with the perfect saree and you are good to go.


  1. Puff sleeve

10 Modern Blouse Designs for Saree

Don’t raise your brows in doubt. This does not look as bad as it sounds, given you choose the right fabric and pair it with the right jewellery. And, voila! There you are, looking as stunning as ever. However, we would definitely like to mention that puff sleeves in blouses are meant for those who need to create a look of volume on their thin arms!


10. Sheer magic: 10 Modern Blouse Designs for Saree

Want to get that hot couture look then try some  stunning embellishments in sheer nude fabric. Moreover the halter design gives it an edgy look.

The next time you plan on wearing a saree, ditch those traditional blouses and go for one of these Modern Blouse Designs, and see those heads turning in your direction.


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