6 Natural Ways To Remove Makeup: Tips & Tricks

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Natural Ways To Remove Makeup

We spent a lot of time and patience on acing the makeup game, but we often tend to forget one of the most important rules associated with it, that is removing the makeup properly. With a bucket list of cons like fast aging, not allowing the skin to breath, break outs, flaky and dull skin, there are practically zero no’s of pros of not removing makeup. There are plenty of makeup removers available in the market, both drug store and high end ones. Using those drug store chemical makeup removers frequently can be hazardous at times. Tags: Natural Ways To Remove Makeup

On the other hand,the high end products can be costlier for the ones who don’t wanna spend a lot of money on makeup removers. So, the natural methods come to the rescue. It is a much better and healthier option to remove our makeup with the products that are easily present at home and market as well. So, here are some tips and tricks on Natural Ways To Remove Makeup.


1. Deep cleansing and moisturizing oils :


Oils definitely tops the list of one of the effective Natural Ways To Remove Makeup. It is one of the most effective natural methods across the world. Best thing about oils is that it has a varied usage from head to toe of our body – both internal and external. They give visibly wonderful results in removing our makeup, but not every oil is the same. Different oils are meant for different skin type. So it is very important to know which oil works better for which skin type.

Application process : Application process is almost the same for these oils that mentioned below. Take a few drop of those oils on the fingertips and massage gently on the face,neck and shoulders or you can apply it through a cotton ball. If there is any residue then repeat the process.When the makeup is completely removed, wash the face with water and pat dry your face with damp cloth.

Oils for every skin type

  • Castor oil :-Natural Ways To Remove Makeup

This oil is the star when it comes to deep cleansing. It has anti-inflammatory properties which is useful for irritated skin. Castor oil is a very thick oil so we need not to use much of it. It works well both for dry and oily skin but it is better not to use on sensivite skin. Also,while buying this oil,it is to keep in mind that it has to be cold pressed and hexane free.It doesn’t only remove makeup but deeply cleanses the skin as well.

  • Coconut oil :-Natural Ways To Remove Makeup

This oil which is present in almost every house hold, is a multitasker. Apart from its other benefits, it removes makeup effortlessly. Though it is suitable for both skin type, but those with oily skin should use slightly warm coconut oil to remove makeup.

  • Olive oil :-Natural Ways To Remove Makeup

This is another commonly used oil that works wonders as makeup remover. It is one of the best natural methods to remove stubborn eye makep and waterproof mascara. Just apply a few drops of it on the eyelids, rub it gently and the result is amazing.


Oils for dry skin –

Skin irritation, redness, flakiness are the common features of dry skin. So this skin type needs oils that are moisturizing.


  • Sweet Almond Oil :- Natural Ways To Remove Makeup

It’s a very light weight oil, therefore it goes deep into the skin and removes makeup and dirt easily. Though it suits both the skin types,but it works better on dry skin.

  • Avocado Oil :- Natural Ways To Remove Makeup

As it is a thick oil, so it moisturizes the skin along with removing the makeup. Though it is a little difficult to find in the market but it is easily available in online stores such as Amazon, Nykaa, Ebay and so on.


Oils for oily skin –

Oily skin has a tendency to have blackheads, acne, break outs and clogged pores.So it needs oils that are anti-inflammatory and cleanses from the depth of the skin.

  • Jojoba Oil :-Natural Ways To Remove Makeup

Lesser known fact is that Jojoba oil a great natural makeup remover. This light weight oil goes deep into the skin and helps in removing makeup, dirt and impurities naturally. You can easily grab them from online stores like Nykaa, Amazon and from the market as well.

  • Grapeseed oil :-Natural Ways To Remove Makeup

This oil works best on oily skin in order to remove makeup and deep cleansing, but it is better to use it with another carrier oil such as Castor oil.


2.Johnson’s Baby Cream :


Natural Ways To Remove Makeup

This, loved by all, irrespective of age and widely used cream is versatile in it’s usage. Be it a makeup remover , moisturizer or a night cream, it serves all those purpose. From the stubborn stain of a red lipstick to a dark smokey eye makeup, it all comes off smoothly from the skin. As this cream is made for babies, so it doesn’t irritate the skin while removing makeup. It makes the skin soft and supple after every application of this product.

3: Milk:


Natural Ways To Remove Makeup

The power of this magical ingredient is no more a secret to us. Needless to say that it has a plethora of advantages when it comes to our skin,hair and health. However, milk is best among all Natural Ways To Remove Makeup. Just pour 2 tbsp of whole milk in a bowl and add a few drops of Almond oil (optional) in it. Take a cotton ball and dip it into the mik.Rub the cotton ball over your face and neck. It has amazing moisturizing properties which works best on dry skin,leaving a nice coat of moisture on the skin.


4. Cucumber juice :


Natural Ways To Remove Makeup

Cucumber gives a soothing and cooling effect on our skin. Chop one cucumber,mash it and make a thick paste out of it.Squeeze the juice from the paste and pour it in a bowl. Then dip a cotton pad into the juice and apply it on the makeup. Though it is a time consuming method but it’s worth the time.


5.Honey & Baking soda :


Natural Ways To Remove Makeup

This is another great way to eliminate makeup. Honey is agreat moisturizer and Baking soda has bleaching properties which cleanses the makeup with ease and also helps to lighten the skintone. Add 2 tsp of honey in a wet washcloth and sprinkle some baking soda on it. Then wipe your face with the washcloth and you can see your makeup coming off from the skin to the washcloth along with dirt and impurities.


6: DIY Makeup Removing Wipes :


Most of the people who don’t remove their makeup on a daily basis is primarily because they don’t have the time and patience to do it after a hectic schedule. So here is a quick and easy DIY method of makeup removing wipes for the lazybones out there. The best thing about these wipes, is that you don’t make need to make it regularly as you can store these wipes in a glass jar for upto a week or so.

Mix 2 tbsp of coconut oil along with 2 tbsp of a baby shampoo (so that it doesn’t irritate your eyes) and pour the mixture in a glass jar. Then take some cotton pads and dip them into the glass jar in a way so that the cotton pad can be soaked into the mixture and your DIY makeup removing wipes are ready. Therefore, when you are too lazy or tired to use natural ways to remove makeup, you can just use those wipes to remove makeup in a giffy.


Hope these tips and tricks helps you to remove makeup naturally. Also have a look at Homemade face packs for various skin problems.

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