Neigene skin care

Neigene skin care

Neigene skin care

We all know that genetics play a major role in defining our skin type. It is also a well know fact that with the help of cosmetics and healthy skin care routines we can only change the appearance of our skin. Beauty is more than skin deep, so if one is looking for beautiful skin than he or she has to work on the most basic level. Till now there was no such range of skin care cosmetics which could work on a cellular level and improve the skin’s health.

Unicity, which stands as an industry leader for nutritional supplements and an extensive global distribution network, has come up with world’s first ever genomeceutical range of products in India. Most skin products stay on the surface and are easily washed away by sweat, water, and natural oils. The Neigene system has scientifically formulated genisomes that work as microscopic delivery vehicles, reaching deeper and lasting longer.


Neigene skin care Products:


Neigene collagen plus:

This is a nutricosmetic which aims at supporting skin elasticity and smoothness. It also improves the moisture content of the skin and supports hair health. It also acts as a shield and protect us from harmful UV rays and free radicals.

Neigene skin care


Neigene skin care:

It has different range of products for oily skin and dry skin. For oily skin, they have gel based products and for dry skin, they have cream based products. Their five skin care products comprise of  cleanser, hydrating tonic, illuminating serum, restorative emulsion and advanced recovery night cream.



Neigene skin care


If you are looking to buy it online or you want to know more about Neigene products you can check the below link:-

Neigene Skin Care

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