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July 11, 2018
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Om tattoo designs

Today in this busy world, spirituality has gained huge momentum and people across the world are discovering various ways to attain inner peace. Spirituality, which means finding our innerself and connecting to our creator has become an important aspect of our life. No doubt we all believe in supreme power which has created us and this wonderful world.  This small belief in God has created a special place for spiritual ink. People ink themselves with sacred and holy symbols which inspires them and bring some positive vibes in their life. There are various spiritual symbols and Om symbol is one of the most popular in them. It is the most sacred symbol of hinduism, jainism, sikhism. Today in our post we would be talking about 50 best Om tattoo designs ideas for men and women.

om tattoo designs

Om is a mystic sound and a beautiful symbol with deep meanings. The importance of Om can be realized from the fact that one can prominently find this symbol in various sacred religious texts and upanishads. It is a cosmic sound which is associated with the creation of universe. The below image briefly describes each bit of the symbol. So read on to find 50 best Om tattoo designs ideas for men and women.

Om tattoo designs



Om and Lord Shiva tatoos for men:


1. Creative black:

A classic black Om tattoo designs depicting a Shivling. The tilak on the Shivling has been creatively drawn into an Om symbol. At the top of the shivling a trishul is placed, in which the powerful third eye of Lord Shiva is also drawn. This tattoo smartly combines all the Shiv elements.
Om tattoo designs


2. Sketch design:

A trishul wrapped up with Om symbol, best pick for the forearm. It is short and concise but with deep meaning.Om tattoo designs


3. Creative tattoo design:

If you are a devotee of Lord Ganesha and Shiva. Then you can show it to the world with this beautiful Lord Ganesha design. Here the head and ear of the Ganesha are made creatively with Om symbol. The red tilak has added a pinch of color in it.Om tattoo designs


4. Mandala art:

If enchanting mantras have become an important part of your life, then why not try this beautiful mandala art. Here the powerful Om mantra is encircled with Gayatri mantra. To add more beauty to it the mantras are bordered with mandala designs.Om tattoo designs


5. Devnagiri sriptures:

The symbol Om is associated with lord Shiva who is also known as Mahakaal. The word Mahakaal means beyond time and death. The word mahakaal in this tattoo design is written quite interestingly. Here the word M also depicts the symbol Om. It also has a third eye drawn in it.Om tattoo designs


6. Five essentials:

The worship of Lord Shiva is incomplete without enchanting the holy mantra Om Namah Shivay. The thrisool has been beautifully placed in between the holy symbol Om.Om tattoo designs


7. Buddhism:

The symbol Om also find an important place in buddhism religion. In all the Buddhist mantras you will find they start with Om. Om tattoo designs


8. Colored Tattoo:

The majestic Om tattoo with beautiful sketch of lord Buddha face. This design will require a good amount of space so that you can add all the details.Om tattoo designs


9. Interesting Tattoo:

Nandi is the vehicle of lord Shiva and bearer of truth and righteousness. Here in this tattoo you can find a trishool, third eye, Nandi and the symbol Om.Om tattoo designs


10. Portrait tattoos:

If you are looking for a large shiva portrait tattoo your search may end here. Om tattoo designs


11. Forearm tattoo:

This tattoo is perfect for your forearm. The word Mahadev is used for Lord Shiva which means supreme.Om tattoo designs


12. The symbol:

A simple Om symbol has its own kind of beauty. Om tattoo designs


13. Shaded tattoo:

The tattoo itself is a masterpiece the lord Shiva image looks so real and powerful.Om tattoo designs


14. Short Tattoo:

If you are fond of mini tattoo you can also try this one.Om tattoo designs


15. Shaded tattoo:

You can also try this interesting Om design surrounded with beautiful shaded pattern created with dots.Om tattoo designs


16. Bold tattoo:

Another bold pattern which depicts power. The design is perfect to be placed in forearm.Om tattoo designs


17. Tattoo sleeve design:

Showcase your spirutality with this elaborate tattoo sleeve design. Om tattoo designs


18. Divine ink:

Elephant is a powerful symol of luck and also represents wisdom. The word Om means past, present and future. So combining these two elements together makes up for a divine tattoo design.Om tattoo designs


19. Short tattoo design:

The beautifully drawn Om symbol in red ink adds highlight to this whole tattoo design.Om tattoo designs


20. Arm sleeve design:

The beautiful tattoo design in black and grey with a majestic Om symbol drawn into it. Om tattoo designs


21. Interesting tattoo design:

This design can be beautifull placed at the back. The trishool is creatively designed to form the powerful Om symbol.Om tattoo designs


22. Shaded tattoo design:

The mystic Om tattoo design is surrounded by beautiful shaded dots. Om tattoo designs


23. Ornating the symbol:

Want to add some more to this divine symbol, try this design which has Mahamritunjay mantra added to it. Om tattoo designs


24. Vintage tattoo:

You can also try the Om tattoo in vintage style.Om tattoo designs


25. ADD ONS:

You can add more elements to your Om symbol. Like Swastik which means pure and auspicious.Om tattoo designs


Om tatoo for women:


1. Slender design:

The backside of the neck is one of the favourite place to ink tattoos. Try this cute Om tattoo at the back of your neck which also has spiritual signficance.

Om tattoo designs


2. Finger Tattoo:

The tiny Om design in the finger looks pretty well. You can easily look at it whenever you like.Om tattoo designs


3. Creative design:

You can also try this creative Om tattoo design which has three elements in it. The trishool, swastik and the Om symbol itself.Om tattoo designs


4. Deeper meaning:

Lotus symbolises beauty and purity. It is said that the spirit of the best man is spotless like lotus flower. Om is the representation of sound, vibration and consciousness of the universe.Om tattoo designs


5. Rudraksha:

Adding Rudraksha to your tattoo design has great symbolic meaning. It is believed that by wearing Rudraksha bead one gets protected by lord Shiva.Om tattoo designs


6. Divided Om tattoo:

This is an amazing mini tattoo in which the half of the symbol is inked on one hand and remaining half symbol on the other hand. The symbol gets completed when you join your both hands.Om tattoo designs


7. Forearm tattoo:

You can try this creative Om tattoo which also has a small trishool added to it.Om tattoo designs


8. Shoshin:

It is a concept in Zen Buddhism meaning beginner’s mind. It refers to an attitude of openness, eagerness and lack of preconceptions.Om tattoo designs


9. Mandala art:

If you are looking for a large tattoo design try this beautiful mandala art with Gayatri mantra. Om tattoo designs


10. Om with lotus flower:

It not only looks aesthetically beautiful but also conveys deep meaning.

Om tattoo designs


11. Om tattoo for feet:

If you are a yoga lover you can also try this Om design in feet.

Om tattoo designs


12. Intersting design:

You can also try this interesting tattoo design which also has beautiful feather attached at the bottom.Om tattoo designs


13. Style statement:

You can also create your own style statement with this beautiful Om symbol.Om tattoo designs


14. Tattoo at the back:

You can try this beautiful tattoo of Om with Lord Buddha face incribed in it.Om tattoo designs


15. Mini tattoo:

Looking for a plain Om tattoo, this can be your final search.Om tattoo designs


16. Lotus flower:

The black and gray tattoo gives bolder appearance to any design. The intricate filling inside the lotus flower makes it a delight for an eye.Om tattoo designs


17. Style symbol:

The design of Om symbol looks so mystic and divine.Om tattoo designs


18. Colored tattoo:

The beautiful pink colored lotus tattoo looks so amazing.Om tattoo designs


19. Ganesha mantra:

If you are a devotee of Lord Ganesha then why not ink this ganesha mantra. Om tattoo designs


20. Mandala art:

The beautiful Om design which you can easily flaunt in off shoulder.Om tattoo designs


21. Maha Mritunjay mantra:

This mantra is believed to be quite powerful and protects from unnatural deaths and diseases.Om tattoo designs


22. Leg tattoo:

The magnificient leg tattoo with divine Om symbol decorated with traditional art.Om tattoo designs


23. Back tattoo:

The full size back tattoo with Om symbol and lotus flower inked in it.Om tattoo designs


24. Ganesha tattoo:

The mighty lord ganesha tattoo with the symbol Om inked beneath it.

Om tattoo designs


25. Neck tattoo:

Tiny tattoos are easy to pick as they can be easily covered when you don’t want to flaunt them. They also look very cute.Om tattoo designs

Are you thinking of going for a spiritual ink. Do share with us your ideas on it. Hopes this list of 50 Om tattoo designs ideas for men and women helps you in finalising any design.