Peacock feather tattoo design

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Peacock feather tattoo design

Peacock, known to be one of the oldest ornamental birds is the symbol of beauty and royalty. In Hindu mythology Peacock and its feather have great significance. According to Hindu scriptures once there was a battle between Lord Indra and Ravana, and Indra was unable to defeat Ravana and so he hid behind peacock. Then Indra blessed peacock with fearlessness from serpents and beautiful feathers for saving his life. Peacock feathers were tucked in the headband of lord Krishna. It was also the holy vehicle of Lord Karthikeya and Goddess Saraswati.  So, Peacock which is also the national bird of India is believed to bring good luck and prosperity. Tags: Peacock feather tattoo design

Today we have come up with 20 extremely beautiful and innovative Peacock feather tattoo design which would surely tempt you to ink one.


20 Beautiful Peacock feather tattoo design

  1. Illustrious feather on the side of the back:
    Peacock feather tattoo design 2. Splendid peacock feather in the center of the back:Peacock feather tattoo design 3. Cute little peacock feather sketch for the finger:Peacock feather tattoo design 4. Spectacular peacock design for the hands:Peacock feather tattoo design 5. Vibrant peacock feather design with watercolor effect:Peacock feather tattoo design 6. Innovative and elaborated Peacock feather tattoo design inked in waist:Peacock feather tattoo design 7. Regal peacock feather design with golden ink for wrist:Peacock feather tattoo design 8. Innovative peacock sketch design behind the neck:Peacock feather tattoo design 9. Cute and tiny peacock feather design for ears:Peacock feather tattoo design 10. Bold and beautiful design of peacock for feet:Peacock feather tattoo design 11. Refined design of peacock feather:Peacock feather tattoo design 12. Elaborated peacock design in black ink: Peacock feather tattoo design 13. Sublime peacock feather design for feet:Peacock feather tattoo design 14. Innovative mermaid design with peacock feather tail:Peacock feather tattoo design 15. Cute feather at the tail of arrow:Peacock feather tattoo design16. Beautiful peacock design for arms:Peacock feather tattoo design17. Creative butterfly design with peacock feathers: 18. Innovative peacock feather design with om symbol and flute:
    Peacock feather tattoo design 19. Dream catcher tattoo design with peacock feather:Peacock feather tattoo design 19. Marvelous peacock design with peacock feather in bold and vibrant colors:Peacock feather tattoo design

Image credits: Pinterest