How to remove permanent tattoo at home using natural ways

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June 23, 2017
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June 27, 2017

According to the recent survey one third of the people who ink tattoo regret their decision of getting a tattoo done. And out of this half of the people don’t opt for removing it despite of being remorseful.”

How to remove permanent tattoo at Home

We all think of inking a unique and creative tattoo which would speak about our style and our personal traits. And this tattoo craze is often more seen among youngsters aged 18-25. But as we grow, we become much mature and our taste and preferences keeps on changing. Also with the fast changing fashion and trends someone may be thinking of replacing old tattoo and coming up with new one. But as these tattoos are of a permanent nature, it takes a lot to remove them off.  Removing a tattoo is more costly, more painful and more time consuming than inking one and if the tattoo removal process is not done properly it may cause serious damage to the skin. That’s the only reason why people skip the idea of removing an unwanted tattoo from their skin.

Today we have numerous ways to remove unwanted tattoos, which include natural DIY’S and professional treatments and application of chemical formulations. In this post we will be talking about natural ways to remove permanent tattoo at home. Before thinking of removing a tattoo lets first understand how deep does the ink goes.

Remove permanent tattoo at home

The blue line which you can see in the above image, i.e. Epidermal-dermal junction is the place where tattoo ink finally gets placed. So when one is thinking of removing a tattoo he has to scrub the epidermis layer of skin and then scrub the ink off the top layer of the dermis.


3 Methods to Remove permanent tattoo at home


There are various DIY’s to remove tattoo effectively, but we will be telling you about three most effective methods you can give a try.

1: Lemon juice and salt:

Salt is used in most of the natural DIY’s of removing tattoo in home. The sodium and chlorine solution helps in blurring the ink. And the lemons are rich in vitamin C and act as antioxidants and helps in quick skin rejuvenation.

Remove permanent tattoo at home

Firstly, you need to clean the surface and shave off any hairs present in the surface of the skin. Then make a solution of lemon juice with salt. Then apply that mixture in your skin and start rubbing heavily that area using scrub for about one hour. Finally, clean that area using warm water. According to the intensity of the ink of your tattoo and size of your tattoo you need to repeat this procedure again after some days. The results of this method will vary with person to person. And if you have sensitive skin, then you must avoid this method.

Honey, aloe Vera, yogurt and salt: Honey is extremely moisturizing and soothing and also has antibacterial properties. Aloe Vera has wound healing properties and helps in reducing skin inflammation. The lactic acid present in yogurt helps in removing the dead skin. And when salt is added to this mixture then it becomes a complete homemade cream to fade tattoo.

Remove permanent tattoo at home

You need to take these ingredients in equal amount and its quantity may depend upon the size of your tattoo. Firstly clean the surface and remove any sort of hairs present in the skin. Then apply thick paste and start rubbing it heavily in clockwise direction till it gets completely absorbed. Follow this procedure daily for a month and you can also take it slowly according to your skin sensitiveness and discontinue it once you achieve the desired result. This method may take a long time, but the results will be great.

2: Salabrasion:

It is a technique in which salt or salt solution is used to abrade the skin. Before starting this procedure you need to equip yourself with salt, sterile water, antibiotic cream and gauze pads.

Remove permanent tattoo at home

First step is to prepare your skin clean the surface and shave hairs present in the skin. Then apply the salt solution to the affected area and start scratching the surface using gauze pads. Scrub this region until you find your topmost layer of the skin i.e. epidermis coming out. Clean the surface and apply antibiotic cream and then cover that region tightly with a bandage. And after 3-4 days repeat the whole procedure. This method is quite painful and there is a great chance of scar formation. But if you are looking for a quick and cheap method for removal of tattoo then you can try it. After the removal of tattoo you should also apply some antibiotic cream to reduce scar formation. And if you have sensitive skin then please avoid this method and go for other methods which are a bit expensive, but less painful and with zero side effects.


Note: These homemade methods are best for people having small tattoo and who have recently got inked themselves. We would never suggest these methods for removing tattoos that have been inked a long time ago and for people who have sensitive skin. These methods about “How to remove permanent tattoo at home” are best for removing tattoos of poor quality inked by unprofessional.

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