10 Saree draping tips for skinny girls

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June 27, 2017
How to drape saree
How to drape saree for a perfect slim look
June 28, 2017

Saree draping tips

The saree draping tips for skinny girls are quite different than for voluminous one. Saree can make everyone look good, but you need to put some effort from your side to get it done right. Everytime you pick a saree try to look for these ten check points. If you are done with these ten styling tips you are sure to glam up the party.


10 Stylish Saree draping tips


  1. Saree fabric:

    You can experiment with handloom sarees as they are made by heavily weaving silk and cotton threads. These sarees will give you an elegant and fuller look.Saree draping tips

  2. Saree designs:

    You can try big floral designs and horizontal strips avoid fine prints and vertical lines. When talking about saree border you can try small and medium width border, but never go for too large border they will be hard to carry and will make you look more petite.Saree draping tips

  3. Light colors:

    White, ivory, beige and pastel colors will give you a fuller effect avoid dark colors.Saree draping tips

  4. Underskirt:

    Go for a proper fitted underskirt but you can experiment with the fabric for the underskirt. Try velvet and brocade to give you a fuller look. You can also try heavy fabric underskirt for net, tissue sarees to go for a statement look.Saree draping tips

  5. Blouse:

    Always go for a proper fitted blouse and always opt for padded blouses to enhance your curves. You have infinite choices for blouse style, but collared and haltered neck blouses look too flattering on you. Avoid too deep cut blouses as you may end up looking too boney.Saree draping tips

  6. Draping it right:

    You can carry almost any draping style comfortably try as per your occasions. Firmly tie your underskirt as any loose ends will give you a shaggy look. Tuck your saree one or two inches below your navel to highlight your waistline. Saree draping tips

  7. Fixing Pallu right:

    You can tie your Pallu in butterfly style and if you are wearing a bordered saree, then the best thing is to pleat your pallu. As it will become easy for you to carry it and will also give you an elegant look. Avoid too long, heavy embroidered Pallu as it will try to pull your blouse back creating some uncomfortable situation for you.Saree draping tips

  8. Footwears:

    You don’t need to wear a 3 inch heel unless you are not satisfied with your height. Even one inch heel can work wonders for you, giving you a slight lift and grace that you need to carry with saree.Saree draping tips

  9. Perfect pleats:

    You can try more number of pleats then the regular six pleats for donning that flowy look. But you need to do it in a clean way to avoid being messy.Saree draping tips

  10. Pinning it right:

    Don’t overboard yourself with too many safety pins. Three safety-pin are all you need to fix your Pallu, pleats and your waistline. To keep your saree intact to your body you need to take care of your saree while draping it, tie it firmly.Saree draping tips

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