Check out the 10 modern saree tassel designs

saree tassel designs

Saree tassel designs

A saree is considered to be one of the classiest and poise attire worn by women. It is the attire which is worn by female all over India as well as in other  South Asian countries too. The variety of colors, embroideries, designs, styles and tassel designs make it even more attractive. These days tassles have become huge favourite of saree lovers. There are also different ways the saree tassel designs are made like using silk threads, pom-pom, beads and pearls etc.

There are numerous varieties of sarees like Banarasi Silk sarees, Kanjeevaram sarees, Chanderi sarees, Cotton sarees etc. Tassles look pretty in each kind of sarees.  Today we are sharing with you some modern saree tassles designs which have become saree essentials now.


10 Modern saree tassel designs


1. Tassles on pallu:saree tassel designs

The beautiful pink color tassles on the pallu of saree is the perfect thing to add on your saree to give it a distinct look. Even plain sarees can be turned into a glam one by adding few tassles on it.


2. Tassles on border of saree:

saree tassel designs

You can highlight the muted colors of your saree with long vibrant color tassles. The beautiful floor sweeping tassles in pink and yellow give this saree a striking appearance.


3. Tassles along the length of saree:

saree tassel designs

For a diva look you can go for tassles all along the border of saree. The multicolored tassles on a plain saree not only add colors to it but also gives it a playful look.


4. Colorful pom-pom:

saree tassel designs

You can give your white saree a colorful look by adding pretty pom-pom to it. The colorful Pom-pom on the plain white saree compliments each other and creates an amazing look.


5. Tassles born to match:

saree tassel designs


This exquisite maroon color saree which is itself distinct in its look, looks more beautiful with orange color tassles in it. This saree  looks quite attractive and can be worn on any occasion without adieu. One thing is for sure, you are sure to get a lot of compliments.


6. Pom-pom chains:

saree tassel designs

Adding tiny colorful pom pom makes the saree look quite colorful and also appealing for the eyes at the same time. Try it out and you will never be taken for granted during an event. The saree created in this combination will make you stand out of the crowd.


7. Colorful tassles:

saree tassel designs

In south it is said, that the best way to transform any ordinary looking saree is to add tassel to it. Colorful patterns and varied designs give you an edge over the rest of the crowd.


8. Playing with colors:

saree tassel designs

Grey color saree combined with yellow tassels make it a deadly combination, which add some liveliness to it and turn the same into an exquisite piece to be worn.


9. Simple Lenin saree:


saree tassel designs

If you are looking for simple and sophisticated look then opt for this simple yet classy tassles. Here the threads from the saree are weaved to create that special tassle look.



10. Tassles for silk saree

saree tassel designs

The beautiful pattern weaved at the border of the saree by using the threads left out at the end of a rich south silk saree, makes it mesmerizing and can give you the queen feeling any day.



Simplicity has its own essence and these Indian saree proves that. The saree tassle designs on these saris have made them more appealing as well as graceful. The intricate patterns of the tassles on these saris shows our rich art and craft and create huge market for them. They are the perfect choice for any Indian festival or family function.

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