10 latest saree tassles designs (kuchu)to try in 2018

saree tassles designs

Saree tassles designs

Tassles find their way in almost every kind of Indian clothing whether we talk of ethnic kurti, dupatta or saree. These beautiful handcrafted tassles works like beautiful adornment to Indian ethnic wear. Long back ago, making tassles was the hobby of almost every Indian women. This has now turned into an associaton of small workgroups who are providing their customers with beautiful tassles straps. These handmade tassles are easy to stitch and unique in their style. The vibrant threads of these tassles (kuchu) speaks about women empowerment and our rich traditional weaves.  Today we are going to share with you some latest saree tassles designs that are must have for a traditional drape.


10 Trending saree tassles designs (Kuchu)


1: Kuchu pattern with unique design:

Kuchu are an important part of any traditional saree. This beautiful kuchu pattern on the pallu of this saree gives it a unique touch. This is a ready to stich strap which can be easily fixed on the edges.

saree tassles designs


2: Saree motif inspired Kuchu design:

Ladies you can try this innovative tassle designs which is perfect for your pattu saree. The design of tiny bootis which are spread all across the saree very well complements with the saree tassles design. The colors in the border of saree are mixed in a balance way which gives this saree an effortless chic look.

saree tassles designs


3: Leafy saree tassles designs: 

This unique saree tassle with autumn leaf like pattern has added its own kind of charm to this beautiful pattu saree. These tassles are made from tiny colorful beads adding more beauty to this saree.

saree tassles designs


4: Floral crochet pattern with pearls:

You can try simple and elegant crochet pattern inspired kuchu designs which are easy as well as quite affordable one. The beautiful flowers at the edges of this saree increases its glam quotient.

saree tassles designs


5: Pearl embellishments:

You can turn your plain saree into a party wear by using these heavily embellished kuchu designs on it. The mighty pearls are the best one to pick while making these kinds of interesting pattern.

saree tassles designs


6: Modern tassles:

Who says tassles are the old thing and are restricted to traditional wear. This modern saree with huge plain tassles is a modern take on our ancient traditions.


saree tassles designs

7: Perfect match:

There is a perfect tassle for every different saree and this one proves it. In this saree the beautiful floral prints are perfectly matched with yellow and white flowers tassle.

saree tassles designs


8: Crochet extension:

Kuchu designs also increases the length of the saree. These designs are an inseparable part of Indian saree. According to your taste you can increase the length of these crochet design and add more drama to your saree.

saree tassles designs


9: Plain saree tassles:

When you want to play with colors then these cute saree tassles will be quite handy. These saree tassles are perfect to pop up some more color to your plain saree.

saree tassles designs


10: Stones, silk threads and distinct pattern:

When its about Indian wedding then the saree needs to be a stone studded one. Rhinestones, silk threads and golden beads are the perfect things to string together to get a dazzling kuchu pattern.

saree tassles designs


These latest saree tassles designs have covered almost every kind of fashion in this small tassel world. Do share with us which type of saree tassles do you find more interesting.

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