Choosing Right Skirt for your body shape: 16 Styles to wear

Choosing Right Skirt for your body shape

In every girl’s wardrobe there are always few dresses in which you look your best. The fashion science says that the cut and design of a particular dress may accentuate our body shape. So if you know what body shape you are gifted with, you can get a clear picture of what to look for while buying any outfit. Today we will be talking in detail about things to consider while picking a skirt for your body shape.

Generally body shape is categorized into four types-: Apple, Pear, Hourglass and Rectangle. An apple shaped body is the one in which upper body is proportionately larger than the lower body. A pear shaped body is the one in which the lower body is proportionately larger than upper body. An hourglass figure is the one in which upper body is in equal proportion to the lower body and with a small waist. In rectangle shape you lack curves and the upper body, waist and lower body are almost equal in size.

Once you are clear with your shape, then you can categorize yourself into slim and plus sized. And as height also plays an important factor while picking a dress so you also need to take it into consideration.

Here we have compiled a list of perfect styles of skirt for your body shape and type, keeping in mind every minute detail. Hope this article gives you a clear picture to pick a body flattering skirt.


16 Skirt for your body shape and Type


1: Apple, slim and long:

A line full flare skirt, pleated skirt and layered skirt are best for the girls with apple shaped body and are tall and slim. You have a flattering upper body, but your lower body may not be so well defined. So to make your lower body in proportion to your upper body you should wear skirt full of volume like pleated, layered and flared skirt. As you are tall you can easily go for long length skirts.

Skirt for your body shape


2: Apple, slim and short:

Layered, a line full flared, pleated skirts are best for apple shaped girls. But if you have short height always try to keep your skirt length short and atmost till your knees.

Skirt for your body shape


3: Apple, plus size and long:

Pegged, cowl, high waist flared these skirts help in well defining your waist line and enhancing your curves. Try to pick a dark color top with light contrasting skirts.

Skirt for your body shape


4: Apple, plus size and short:

Pleated, pegged and cowl are the best skirts to enhance your figure, but you need to keep them short. These skirts will give you a fuller look at the bottom and best to flaunt your thin legs.

Skirt for your body shape


5: Pear, slim and long:

Straight, pencil, paralleled skirt are your best pick as you have well defined bottom and these fitted skirts will effectively highlight it.  You can opt for any length skirt.

Skirt for your body shape


6: Pear, slim and short:

Straight, pencil, paralleled skirt is all you need to make heads turn. You need to pair them with heels and go for vertical lines or long prints to create that taller effect.

Skirt for your body shape


7: Pear, XL size and long:

High waist and a line skirts are the best choice as you bottoms are much heavier and you can downplay it by A- line skirts and long skirts are good option to hide heavy thighs.

Skirt for your body shape


8: Pear, XL size and short:

High waist and A- line skirts are your soulmate, you can try vertical strips for a slimming effect and as your thighs may be quite heavy, hide them with knee length skirts.Skirt for your body shape


9: Hourglass, slim and long:

Almost any style work for hourglass figure whether it is pencil, pegged or trumpet. However, long pencil skirts look best on you.

Skirt for your body shape


10: Hourglass, slim and short:

Pencil and pegged skirts are very flattering to your body shape and try playing with colors and prints to give you taller effect. Keep your skirt above the knees.

Skirt for your body shape


11: Hourglass, plus size and long:

Trumpet and straight fit skirt look best on you, as you are too curvy the trumpet style skirt will bring the attention from your heavy bottoms to your lower legs. Go for a dark colored skirt.

Skirt for your body shape


12: Hourglass, XL size and short:

Trumpet, straight fit and pencil skirt are your best pick. If you want to appear a bit taller, than go for flirty slit skirts.

Skirt for your body shape


13: Rectangular, slim and long:

Panel detail, full circle print and long flare skirt is all you need to create some curves. As you are tall you can easily rock long skirts.

Skirt for your body shape


14: Rectangular, slim and short Skirt for your body shape:

Short panel detail, short full circle print and short layered skirt is all you need to create some volume to your lower part of the body.

Skirt for your body shape


15: Rectangular, plus size and long:

Tulip, pleated and A -line skirt is your best companion.  Tulip skirts create curves and are best for plus sized girls as it fits them effortlessly. These skirts will help in creating soft curves.

Skirt for your body shape


16: Rectangular, XL size and short:

Tulip short and pleated short skirts is all you need to make the heads turn. They help in giving false curve appearance. And these short skirts are the best way to show your well toned legs.

Skirt for your body shape

Skirt for your body shape

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