10 South Indian Wedding Bridal Dress Design

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South Indian Wedding Bridal Dress Design

South Indian culture is full of bright colors, interesting rituals and numerous celebrations. One important celebration is the wedding when every bride wants to look her best. The South Indian brides have always represented liveliness and grace in their bridal look. If you are a fan of South Indian bridal dresses, we have 10 lovely picks for you! Just glance through these beautiful South Indian Wedding Bridal Dress Design and make out which one is your favorite!


10 South Indian Wedding Bridal Dress Design



  1. Red Golden Saree with Puff Sleeved Blouse

South Indian Wedding Bridal Dress Design

This look is gorgeous for any woman who loves to dress up like a South Indian beautiful bride. The neatly tied saree along with a short puff sleeved blouse looks marvelous on any woman who is getting ready as a bride! Don’t miss those white gajras at the back.


  1. White Lehenga:

south indian wedding bridal dress design

In South Indian Wedding Bridal dress design brides who go for white are often spotted in bridal gowns or lacy saree. But now you have got one more beautiful option. White lehenga for the bride who is ready to slay everyone. The white pom-poms and her bridal jewellery has made her look so angelic.


  1. Nauvari style saree:

south indian wedding bridal dress design

Wow! This one looks so vibrant and lively that everyone would just fall in love with this look. The awesome vibrant colors like  green and golden have been used beautifully on this silk saree. Also appreciable is the ethnic looking temple jewelry which makes you look great and feel pious on your wedding. This elegant maharastrian Nauvari style of saree draping is very popular among Maharastrian bride. Even celebrities are spotted in this look during several festive ocassions.


  1. Cancan saree drape:

South Indian Wedding Bridal Dress Design

Long sleeves look quite graceful! Be it the salwar suit, short kurta, long kurta or simply the blouse, the long sleeves mark your elegant choice. This particular South Indian bridal design contains a marvelous cancan skirt with a beautiful silk saree wore in a half saree look. Also, the sleeves contain beautiful golden embroidery that goes well with the golden and pink cancan skirt and saree.

  1. Banarasi Saree with a Golden Embroidered Modish Blouse

south indian wedding bridal dress design

You can get an amazing look on your wedding if you simply choose a unique saree and a modern looking blouse with it. Just take a look at the above picture. It contains a fabulous golden blouse with stunning embroidery. The cut and shape of the blouse is very trendy. The red and golden Banarasi saree has got vibrant golden circle shaped pattern upon it which enhance the appeal of your wedding saree.


  1. Traditional Kasav saree:


When it is about South Indian wedding dress, Kasav sarees always comes in mind! Isn’t it so? So here is our next pick for best South Indian wedding bridal dress design. This one is a pure white color saree with intricate golden embroidery on striking red color border. The traditional south indian bridal jewellery complements this saree and gives the bride an elegant look.


  1. Traditional pattu saree draped with dupatta: south indian wedding bridal dress design


Creatively pairing your traditional silk saree with vibrant dupattas can give your saree a whole new look. This beautiful ivory saree with pink border when paired with a muted pink dupatta looks so refreshing and dreamy. Moreover, the traditional temple jewellery paired with this attire will make any lady feel like princess.


  1. Hyderabadi Gharara

south indian wedding bridal dress design

If you admire Mughal culture, you are surely going to love this one! It is a proper Hyderabadi style gharara. A gharara is actually a divided lehenga. It looks best with a slightly long top or blouse. Heavy embroidered Ghararas makes for one of the most attractive wedding outfit. Anyone will look so graceful in this bridal attire!


  1. Beautiful Bridal Gownsouth indian wedding bridal dress design


Christian bride often picks white gown for their D-day. This white beautiful gown looks so pretty and stunning with its fine embroidery. This off shoulder gown with a timless neckpiece is all what a bride needs on her D-day. This flowy voluminius gown gives Samantha an elegant bridal look.


  1. White lace saree:


A creatively designed saree and blouse are always a wise choice to be worn on your wedding day. This look is adorned by all women who especially want to get the look of a pure South Indian bride. This particular image portrays a stunning off white saree and a beautifully embroidered collared blouse. The way this saree has been draped looks so classy and elegant that every bride would desire to get this look on their wedding day. This bridal look is also popular among Srilankan bride.

We hope and believe that you would have enjoyed and loved our collection of South Indian wedding bridal dress designs. You can always add complimentary jewelry with these beautiful attires to enhance your look as a bride!