Styling tips for groom with short height

Styling tips for groom with short height

Styling tips for groom with short height

Often men with short height put a lot of thought before trying any new style and in most of the cases avoid it. Here in this post will be discussing all the problems and their solutions with an apt explanation to it. Men ethnic wear whether you talk about Sherwani, Jodhpurs, Kurta, Dhoti etc are mainly confide to one’s wedding. If you too have a doubt about will Sherwani look good on you then read below and ace up your ethnic fashion game.


10 Styling tips for groom with short height


1. Well fiiting:

It’s a fact that slim people look more taller then people who are heavier on size. While picking your wedding outfit look for slim fit outfits that rest perfectly on your body structure. Going a size bigger then your true size will give you a wider appearance and in turn will make you appear shorter.

Styling tips for groom with short height


2. Shorter Length Kurta:

Avoid longer length kurtas and try kurtas which ends above your knee length. The idea is to make your legs appear longer. Long length kurtas will make your legs look smaller.

Styling tips for groom with short height


3. Narrow collars:

Some might be thinking how collars can affect your appearance. So dear readers wide collars gives a broad effect to your shoulders and  gives a wider appearance which in turn reduces your overall length. However in most of the Sherwani you would see high neck collars. The same rule applies to that also. One needs to keep the width of the collar shorter and it should not completely hide your neck. Shahid did it in a right way and in the other image the collars looked quite large.

Styling tips for groom with short height

Styling tips for groom with short height


4. Shorter Jacket:

If you are thinking of pairing your kurta with some contrasting jackets, you can surely go for it. But keep their length shorter and check that it does not cover whole of your butt. The idea is to make your legs look more longer.

Styling tips for groom with short height


5. Matching shoes: 

A well matched shoes with the pair of your bottom gives longer appearance to your legs. If you will go with a different color of shoes it will act as a color block and will make a distinct mark between your legs and feet.

Styling tips for groom with short height


6. Pointed shoes:

While picking a footwear look for pointed shoes and with low ankle design. The idea is to give your feet a narrow look.

Styling tips for groom with short height


7. No chudidars:

‘Chudidars’ are the long length pants which have narrow fit and the excess of length falls into beautiful folds near the ankle. But they are a big no for shorter men as they steal away the height. Instead of it you can try well tapered payjama which ends just above the ankle.

Styling tips for groom with short height


8. Avoid contrast:

While finalising your colors don’t go for more then two shades and trying monochromatic look is the best option. Going for one shade helps you in staying away from color block and rest you all know. You can try emboidered sherwaani with plain pants.

Styling tips for groom with short height


9. Avoid large prints and heavy embroidery:

Don’t go for large prints and small prints and small embroidered booti will look good on you. Vertical Stripes are the shorter guy’s print and you can add them to your list.

Styling tips for groom with short height


10. Medium or high rise:

This last point is for those guys who are thinking of wearing formal suit. While picking a pant go for mid rise pants that makes you legs appear longer. Any style that is medium rise or high rise will work good on you and never experiment with low rise pants.


Please don’t experiment with Anarkali style which are also in vogue these days.

Styling tips for groom with short height

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Chetana Joshi
Chetana Joshi
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  1. Neetesh says:

    Small height k lie wedding koi design

    • Sherwani look good on every man. However if you want to look more taller. Then try few of our tips.
      Go for a well fitted piece. An ill fitted outfit gives wider appearance and steals away your height. Keep the height of your sherwani above the knees.
      Also avoid color blocking outfits. Go for single color.
      If you are wearing short ethnic jackets. Then try to keep their length shorter. The idea is to make your legs look longer.
      Try to match your bottoms with your shoes. It gives longer appearance to your legs. Avoid contrasting shoes. Go for a pointed and below the ankle shoes. Avoid churidar bottoms and wear well tailored pajama or pants.

  2. Ajay says:

    My height is 5’3″ .
    What should I wear for my wedding?

    • You can wear anything that you feel comfortable with. If you are thinking of wearing Sherwani then take proper time to get its fitting right. Go for a single color and a well fitted kurta which ends just above the knee. Best Wishes!

  3. Kunal says:

    Mam, my height is 5.4 should i go with jodhpuri suit

  4. Priya says:

    Mam my hubby height is 5 inch. Which typ of dress we choose for wedding, plz mam rlp soon

  5. rohit says:

    hello mem my height is 5.5 can i go with kurta pajama plz suggest me for party wear dress up

  6. Mohit Kumar says:

    Hello mam My height is 5″2 . Im very sad please suggest me , i want to wear short sherwani above knee and pajama hill shoes and safa.

  7. Varun says:

    Hi my height is 5’5
    I am looking for a blue velevet jodhpuri with big Bird sequins Embroidered on it and white Jodhpuri pajama..will it look good?

  8. Ishal says:

    Which type of turban will suit on 5 feet 6 inch heighted groom

    • For short height people the most important thing is that you need to carry monochromatic look. So the color of your turban should match with your attire. Moreover, also check the size of your turban it should neither be too wide nor too long. As it will make you look disproportionate.

  9. Raj says:

    5.3 height … I want to wear kurta pajama??plz suggest

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