How to pick the best glasses and Sunglasses for your face shape

sunglasses for your face shape

Sunglasses for your face shape

We go for an eye check up and there the doctor examines our eye carefully and writes a number on the prescription page. Our mind gets highly tensed, not by the number, but thinking about which style to go for which would enhance our look. “

And when its about sunglasses they are our very prized possessions so we have to do lots of homework before getting one. When you are looking for glasses and sunglasses many things you need to check are same except that the size of glasses must be a perfect fit whereas sunglasses need to be a bit large in proportion to your face.

Lets have a detail talk about shopping for perfect glasses and sunglasses to look stunning in them.

Before moving forward lets talk about the face shape. You need to be very much sure about your face shape before picking the right one for you. Determining your face shape not only helps you in getting the perfect eyewear but it also helps you in deciding the perfect hairstyle, accessories and face makeup.  It helps you in fetching more personalized styling ideas.

Steps to determine your face shape:

  1. Search for a ruler, pen, diary and a mirror.
  2. Pull your hair tightly at back.
  3. Length of your face- Fix one end of the ruler to the base of thechin and bring the other end straight to the center of your hairline. Measure it.
  4. Forehead length- Measure the distance between the two arches of your eyebrow.
  5. Cheeks length-Measure from one cheekbone to the other cheekbone.
  6. Jawline length- Measure from base of chin to straight below your ears.

Sunglasses for your face shape

Now you are one step far away from determining your face shape. Just scroll down to find out which face shape are you gifted with. This face shape just tells us about our face geometry and helps us in deciding how to balance our face shape by different styling tips. But first we should discuss about different Face shapes.


7 Types of Face Shapes

1: Rectangular Face shape:

The length of the face measurement is quite large and rest other measurements of forehead, cheek and jawline are almost equal and has sharp angle. Sunglasses for your face shape

2: Circle Face Shape:

The length of your face and the cheek length are almost equal and slightly greater than the forehead and jawline. Your face has soft angles.Sunglasses for your face shape

3: Square Face Shape:

Your every measurement, i.e. face length, cheek length, forehead and jaw line are almost equal with sharp jaw angle.Sunglasses for your face shape

4: Diamond Face Shape:

Cheeks are your prominent feature with forehead and jawline almost equal and shorter then cheek length. Sunglasses for your face shape

5: Triangle (base down) face Shape:

The length of your forehead is smaller than your jawline. You have small forehead and sharp jaw angle.Sunglasses for your face shape

6: Oval:

Length of the face is greater than cheeks and forehead length. Jawline is almost equal to cheek length, slightly greater. Soft jaw angles.Sunglasses for your face shape

7: Heart:

Forehead length is quite large then jawline and cheekbone length is also more than other measurements. Narrow chin with prominent forehead and angular cheeks.                                                                                                              Sunglasses for your face shape



What to look for while shopping Sunglasses for your face shape


a. Sunglasses for rectangular shaped face:

Your eyewear must add width to your face to balance your long sharp angled face. Round frames will look best on you. So try round frames with accentuated brow line.Sunglasses for your face shapeSunglasses for your face shape


b.  Sunglasses for Circular shaped face:

Your eyewear must make your face look longer and slimmer. Try rectangular frames with sharper edges to add some sharpness to your round face shape. So try rectangular frames with angular designs.Sunglasses for your face shape


Sunglasses for your face shape


c. Sunglasses for  square shaped face:

With a square face you can work on two things either try to soften your sharp jaw lines with round frames or try oval frames to add length to your face. Never pick rectangular frames as they will highlight your square face.Sunglasses for your face shape Sunglasses for your face shape


d. Sunglasses for Diamond shaped faces:

You have wide cheeks and to balance that you can go for wide angled style frames. You can try rimless frames, but avoid frames which are thin. If you will opt for thin frames or darker color frames may make your head appear more narrow. Sunglasses for your face shape Sunglasses for your face shape


e. Sunglasses for triangular shaped face:

Here we are talking about triangle face shape with base down i.e. face width is narrow at the forehead and broader at the base. You can look for cat eye frames and you can try fancy frames with beautiful color and details.Sunglasses for your face shape


f. Sunglasses for oval shaped face:

You can experiment with any frame so you can search for the latest trend and according to your personal style of dressing you can pick the best for you. Sunglasses for your face shape Sunglasses for your face shape


g. Sunglasses for heart shaped face:

You have a wide forehead and if you are looking for plain frames you can pick the round one it will balance your wide forehead. And if you are looking for some face flattering frames go for butterfly and cat eye frames. Avoid heavy styles and decorative designs on top of the frame.Sunglasses for your face shape Sunglasses for your face shape


Some other useful tips:

  1. We always look for frames which would go well with our regular dress, but this results us in picking some boring frame color and styles.
  2. While selecting the colors of the frame, look for colors that complements your skin tone. For e.g. If you are warm tone, then look for ivory, dark green, burnt red, orange, yellow and brown. And if you have cool undertones, then look for white, black, royal blue, gray and silver.
  3. If you are still confused with colors, then look for the trending colors of that season. Various fashion houses release the list of trending colors and you will easily find various dresses and accessories matching with them.
  4. While buying eye glasses you should check that they perfectly fit you whereas while buying sunglasses they need to protect your eyes from UV rays so they need to be large. Also, remember that the size of your frame should be in proportion to your face size.
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