Latest Temple South Indian Jewellery Designs

Temple South Indian Jewellery Designs

Temple South Indian Jewellery Designs

Temple jewelry looks rich, magnificent and marvelous. These Temple jewelry are actually rooted in our Indian culture. The jewellery that was used for adorning Gods and Goddesses in the ancient India was full of beautiful traditional patterns. It consisted of unique bead patterns, fabulous necklaces and appealing earrings. Especially the temple jewellery has become part of South Indian culture.

Let us take a look at some of the fabulous and latest temple South Indian Jewellery designs!

10 Trending Temple South Indian Jewellery Designs


  1. Temple South Indian Jewellery with a Beautiful Necklace

Temple South Indian Jewellery Designs

The vibrant look of this temple jewelry is awesome. Just take a look at the necklace which consists of intricate design. The unique feature of this necklace is the two bird figures which adore the pendant beautifully. The baaju bandh are plain and elegant. And so is the tagdi which is actually the belt to beautifully define the waist. This design can be donned on the festive occasions and for those events which are considered pious.



  1. Temple South Indian Jewellery with Amazing Maang Tika

Temple South Indian Jewellery Designs

The temple jewelry portrays the true spirit of piousness and elegance. Any woman loves to don up this jewellery as this is the one which is also used to decorate the idols of Gods. This specific set of temple jewelry includes two astonishing baaju bandhs, a tagdi or belt, a maang tika, two earrings, bangles, hathphool and of course the heavy necklace. Hathphool is the traditional Indian ornament which is worn on the back of the palms. It includes rings which are attached through beautiful chains that are fixed on a bangle. The tagdi is wide and looks quite appealing. The Baaju bandhs consist of beautiful arch shapes with impactful designs.


  1. Temple South Indian Jewellery with Unique Necklace

Temple South Indian Jewellery Designs

This enchanting south Indian temple jewellery includes a unique necklace. As you can see, the necklace comprises beautiful beads which are innovatively carved and contain figurines of various deities. In the pendant alone, you can see Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. Wearing this copper colored traditional jewellery with a copper colored South Indian silk saree is a double delight for any woman who wants to look like a Goddess of true beauty and purity. The earrings are wide and heavy with a matchless pattern which includes a snake on the top.


  1. Temple South Indian Jewellery with Colorful Gemstones

Temple South Indian Jewellery Designs

The temple jewellery is always decorated with interesting cultural designs. This particular piece includes a fabulous rich looking necklace. The conch shaped beads along with colorful gemstones looks simply remarkable. The wonderful craftsmanship and creative pattern find their true representation in this marvelous South Indian temple jewellery. The red and green gemstones add a vibrancy to the whole piece.


  1. Temple South Indian Jewellery with Floral Leafy Patterns

Temple South Indian Jewellery Designs

Nature has always remained a great idea of inspiration for designs! Be it textiles, cutlery, furniture or jewellery, nature is full of inspiring ideas for anyone! This design exemplifies the same! It is enriched with classic leafy and floral patterns that have been carved perfectly on necklace as well as on earrings.


  1. Temple South Indian Jewellery with Fitted Necklace, Hair Accessories & Much More

Temple South Indian Jewellery Designs

Just take a look at these beautiful pieces of jewellery! They include unique hair accessories, bangles, necklace, maang tika and earrings. The beautiful white beads at the bottom of earrings and the bangles with a twisted pattern look quite marvelous. Also includes in the neck fitted necklace along with a heavier one which falls beautifully upon the bossom. The maang tikas show us two rich patterns which can be tried with a traditional dress on any occasion of celebration.


  1. Temple South Indian Jewellery Showing a Rich Earring

Temple South Indian Jewellery Designs

If you are looking forward to find an exceptional set of enchanting temple jewellery earrings, try this one. The fabulous combination of dark pink and green stones gives an ultimate look to this pair of earrings. The design is unique in itself as an attractive chain climbs beautifully from your earlobe towards the upper side of ear. Basically, this design of earrings is inspired from the natural shape of our ears.


  1. Temple South Indian Jewellery with Elegant Simple Design

Temple South Indian Jewellery Designs

Stay simple yet elegant and beautiful with this gold jewellery which shows another pretty pattern of temple jewellery! When the pure gold jewellery is matched and donned with a golden and white saree, your look is simply enchanting and matchless!


  1. Temple South Indian Jewellery with a Broad Pendant

Temple South Indian Jewellery Designs

Try a lovely piece of temple jewellery with this outstanding necklace which contains a broad and wide exuberant pendant in the middle. The complimenting necklace has the same patterns which goes very well with the lower pendant.


  1. Temple South Indian Jewellery with Multiple Bangles & Necklaces

Temple South Indian Jewellery Designs

It is a common but appealing trend in South Indian temple jewellery designs where varied sets of gold necklaces and different sets of bangles are worn together. You can see different necklaces with various adorable designs and bangles that contain interesting patterns. The variety of designs makes this style a visual treat.

Look royal, pure and beautiful with these unique and latest South Indian temple jewellery designs!

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