Ten latest trends in men watches to watch out in 2018

latest trends in men watches

When it’s about time one needs to be updated. So here we are summarizing the latest trend in men watches what’s in and what’s out. Do you know your watch can tell a lot about you. Tags: trends in men watches.


10 Stylish trends in men watches


Every men look for the sporty watch that not only adds to their style quotient but is also their fitness tracker.

trends in men watches

Trends in men watches



The great thing about this metal is that it looks good on every hand. Get ahead of the latest trend with this classic piece.

Trends in men watches

Trends in men watches


3. 3D Architecture:

This mechanical watch with unmatched sophistication and also maintaining the much needed rigidity and sturdiness is all that a men with a rough and tough style needs.

Trends in men watches

Trends in men watches



4. Sculpted:

This luxurious piece showing the high end of creativity with gold metal is the example of how much effort these brands are putting to attract their customers.

Trends in men watches



5. Android:

These smart watches are for the smarter generation who cannot imagine thier world without apps. Androids are everywhere and now its more convenient to carry them in your wrist.

Trends in men watches

Trends in men watches



6. Sleek:

It’s time for smaller, slimmer and solid colors timepieces. Lapis blue is the color for this season and this ultra slim watch with modest design is worth every penny.

Trends in men watches



7. Artistic:

The other timeless collection with rosegold metal dial and artistic watch face. This piece with slogan sort of printed in watch face, matches with the young energy and their specific taste.

Trends in men watches



8. Rectangular:

Bored of the round patterns then no worries, you have so many options in shapes to choose your favourite one.Trends in men watches




Keeping it simple and classy this watch is for the men who believe in creating wonders silently. Filled with elegance this ethreal piece is for the men with substance.

Trends in men watches



10. Innovative watch face:

This watch is so unique in its style. From its striped strap to its diamond studded dial  everything is so catchy that sets it apart from the rest. Diamonds are so beautifully embedded in watch face and its done so perfectly that they are balancing the whole look of the watch.

Trends in men watches

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